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sexy job wagner!
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dude luv all ur pics
saintanger37's avatar
this is someone i would like to meet
harveyfenellere's avatar
hahahahaha reference here!!!
TheMrBladeedge's avatar
your way of drawing is amazing
bluessaurus's avatar
Isto... está... MUITO... BOM!!! :D
wagnerf's avatar
pa5cal's avatar
very COOL
I'm sorry - who is this character?
shutora's avatar
~grimsoncrow- I guess you never studied the Drow. No harm done. But yes, that is the essence of the Drow. Thank you, wagnerf. (or is that vagnerf) ;3
TeenTitansMan's avatar
i know she's meant to be tough and intimidating, but I find that face of hers very cute.

Awesome draws and drows ;)
darklion79's avatar
every thing you do is hot
keeep up the good work
grimsoncrow's avatar
Why didn't you colour her face?
RedWingsDragon's avatar
SeiberSaiban's avatar
Theres gonna be pain.
CharukuNova's avatar
Awsome she looks like she means business.
AK-Is-Harmless's avatar
I love how the bodysuit is solid but the face kind of blends in with the background. :)

Gewd-Boi's avatar
I like the combo of line art and complete colors
Hells-Reaver's avatar
Nice! Tight! And I bet she is too! BOW-CHIKA BOW-WOW!!!
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Battosai16's avatar
Great job man. The body suit looks like it just needs some lights to right out of the new TRON.
rcanheta's avatar
hmmmm.... shiny and sexy!
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