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Animation pack!

Here it is!

Wagner's animated wonders!

An all animated pack!

You will get:
-Teen Titans fuck film! Robin, Starfire, Beast Boy and Raven get into some orgy!

-Super Billy's fuck! Our favorite silly boy gets wild with his friends!

-An all exclusive (HOT) pic! With its original PSD!

Remember, this is an experiment...the sequel will be....BILLY AND MANDY'S ANIMATED COMIC!
And then more original-never-before-seen pictures!

Thank you all, my true followers and let's create more!

Price: 6 USD!

For those who doesn´t have a Paypal, here is a gumroad:
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hi where did you animate this with?

Glitch12330's avatar

I would rather see Beast Boy and Raven together then the orgy, the Billy thing I like to see thou lol

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Get ready for people to ask for animated commissions lol