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Animation Teen Titans preview

  Hei!  Good news!

Do you want to se an animated version of the Teen Titans comic pages I did time ago?  A good friend is making it!

The premiere is coming soon and the price of purchase will be five dollars only! If everything goes well, we will do a sequel on the Billy and Mandy comic!

Also, there will be an exclusive pic for all the clients! Exclusive only to the pack!

 Do you want to see a preview of it?   To see a small preview of this, click:…

When finish it will be 6 dollars
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Would love to see a sequel to the GAOBAM comic

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Looking forward to this!!

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Welcome back! Missed your work! XD

TheTubich's avatar
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Neat. Is it of the teen titan comic of her and raven after they see Jinx and cinderblock?

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I've always been hoping for squeal to the billy and mandy comic hope this does well.

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This brings bad but good kind of memories lol, The comic I'm thinking of was awesome looking but hated story. I wanted to Beast Boy doing that to Raven, like she wanted lol

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Seeing this preview brought a sense of nostalgia for me when I first discovered your work through your Teen Titans comic

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