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Holy fuck-biscuits that took a long time to get done!  But they're done now, and now they're posted.  Enjoy I think I've fainted. 
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Amazing! one of the best comics I've ever read on this site so far.

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Hoping to come back and finish the story soonish. Thank you for your interest!

Ground control to Major Jon, your circuit's dead is something wrong?
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Sorry! sorry, sorry... Life just got too much life in it. Kids were getting older, health issues, deaths in the family, artistic burnout, it all got to be too much. I'm hoping to come back to this, but I just don't know when.

No worries man, no foul for having to do what needs doing. Just great to know you're still kicking! Don't stress too much over when, we'll be here to read it whenever you can do so!I know life can get busy, especially when it piles on like a football squad as happened to you! And life comes first. Without dealing with life stuff people would never be able to finish the smaller fun things or enjoy those made by others! Now I'd like to see signs of life from TOC, he and you were the two creators that I was most concerned/curious about the status of. Sorry to hear things have been so rough but it brightened my year to know you're still around! Take care dude, and thanks for checking in!Hug 
Is this comic officially dead?  I hope not.  It's only got nine more pages to go for the big 500 milestone!  (Yes, this page's number should be 491.)… Hope you're doing well, wherever you are and whatever you're doing!
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Hoping your computer issues get fixed so we can see more of this.
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Ok, just binge read the whole series.  Very impressed.  Hope the computer issues are resolved soon. Looking forward to seeing more.
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Finally back!

...and the only thing I can think of is... "where's the pew pews?"

I know. I feel the stupidness of the question too
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Angie's gonna get her firewall breached, isn't she?
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So what's gonna go catastrophically wrong....
Dang, Angie has some wicked aim when She isn't distracted by errors!
Love Sam's shocked expression! XD
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good shot on the enemy HK M.A.C rounds Iggy.
What in the world is that?
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That would be ANGIE vaporizing incoming railgun shot with the Morocco's laser battery
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Was that blue streak them or.....
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The blue streak is the tracers from the Morocco's outgoing railgun fire

The red streak is the tracers from incoming railgun fire...

The rest of it is incoming railgun fire being vaporized by the Morocco's laser battery.
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I think nBSG has influenced me.
But I can imagine the bass muted rumble of the railguns, and the steady tempo of the Taiko drums.
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