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Okay what?!!!!! That's new. By who though.
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I don't think he stopped to ask :noes:
So long alone, it just doesn't click... Wake up Mark!
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A couple of years with zero contact and zero signs of any presence outside of theirs makes it hard to accept the possibility

And yet :D
It takes a moment, but the reality check finally gets cashed!
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your right could be a major system malfunction... maybe this is how a smart AI dies?   
Well, I was talking about Mark's slow reaction to the attack, he must've thought attack was a very remote possibility! But yes, Angie is not doing well...
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I really hope that it's a malfunction not an attack because they won't last against two Ray'tar hk fighters.
Should see next weekend!
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yeah say would you like to read at tag along short story i made with the permission of comic's writer.
If I can find the time, sure! I buzzed your page recently when I saw you mentioning the Ray'tarr and saw you'd done a related piece. Might get to it sometime this week, we'll see!
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okay... also so you don't get lost among the other writings. the story is called Lazarus of the Perry.
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please not the Ray'tar, please not the Ray'tar.
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Don't know who it is. Guess it'll remain a mystery ;p
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They're from my short story I made for you.
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Please no reavers
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yeeeeees no reavers... thou the cold part is that captain renols wouldn't care as long as they're not going to attack the serenity.
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