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Jeez, that could have been bad. Looks like Sandra needs water and to cool off.
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Yup, at least she didn't collapse this time.
Hard to keep up on maintenance when they're so short on crew and have so much to do!
Oh dear, Angie doesn't look good, she may have been forced to downgrade to stay functional...
Poor stinky Mark! XD And poor sweat-drenched Sandra! When a cat is panting, you know they're over-heated!
Keeping me on the edge of my seat here! How many chapters are left?!
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Oh so true, not enough hands and not enough hours.

Just wait ;p

Sandra is doing better this time than she was last time they did this.

I'm waitin' as hard as I can!

True. Wonder if she's been chugging water?
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I'm workin' as hard as I can muster; I've been sick all week which isn't helping but I'm doing the coloring for this week's update right now!
Well, thank you for your dedication, but don't work yourself into another week of being sick!
I'd rather have a late update than a sick artist!
Hope you get over whatever you have soon though, being sick sucks!
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It's nothing life threatening, I get migraines once in a while and they tend to lay me out for a week or two at a time.  

I'm doing better now, thanks though.
Ah, those suck! Good to hear you're doing better though!
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