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One of two fan art pieces I have in the works for Prophesy of the Circle: Tangent. I've been working on this off-and-on for the past two or three months and I finally got it done!

This is Yaren, a loud-mouthed disagreeable ass who really does mean the best even if he let his obsession over a perceived slight in his past destroy his family. To save his sons from events that he felt were his fault at the end of chapter one he accepts their punishment himself, leaving Oros forever.

Watercolor and Pigma markers on 110lb watercolor paper.

Yarin, Tikedi, Oros, and Prophesy of the Circle all copyrighted to *talon333.
Prophecy Of The Circle

Artwork is mine.

One of two pieces of fanart I made for this fantastic comic
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Haha! Oh fantastic! Yaren, of all people! This is great. This is awesome. =D I was never expecting to see fanart of him from anybody; he's such an abrasive character. Even his redeeming qualities can be hard to spot, but you saw them. Aw.

I'm glad you did this. I was always bothered that I couldn't fit this scene in to the story itself. It's really touching to see it actually depicted.

Squee! It's a foggy day outside, but this makes it awesome. =D Thank you! Aw, thank you.
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They take a bit to unearth, but they are there ;p. I think his only real problem is he could never let go of the fact that Shakalee snubbed him in favor of Jacind and he wound up taking it out on everyone around him.

I just had a flash of inspiration; this is the image I saw after reading that part in the comic and I've been working on it since August... I think. Time's a bit of a blur.

Anyway; one down and one to go :D
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August makes sense. I know I finished the chapter in late July, because right after that I urgh, *shudder* moved. XP You did such a great job capturing the scene. So awesome.

I would so love to tell the story about Jacind and Yaren's younger days in full detail. It was Corey's suggestion that I write it and illustrate it as little short stories instead of doing it as a comic, and I may. :3 Just have to scrounge up the time to do so. I'd love to actually explore who Shakalee was, and everything that led to Yaren and Jacind's rivalry, and what Jacind was even doing in Tieke City when he met Kraelyn. Bonus material.
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That certainly doesn't sound like a bad idea to me. One comic is enough to keep up with; two is just overloading yourself.

I have a feeling that some of those stories will have this strange bittersweet quality to them. :/
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I knew the color version would be worth the wait. Beautifully done!
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Thanks! :D

I'm still learning this and that about watercolors... things like "skylines are friggin hard ><". It doesn't look that bad on the hardcopy but scanners are great for highlighting your f*ckups :XD:
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You're very welcome.

What do you do the watercolor on, some sort of water resistant/proof paper?

Nah, it's not the scanner pointing out all the little "occurrences", it's the calibrated eyeballs. :D:D:D
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It's literally called "Watercolor paper". It is usually very heavy weight (90lbs is the lightest I've seen locally) and has a very open grain to it so it acts like a sponge. It should be available at any art supply store (I've seen it at Michaels).

LOL, well normally I'd be the first to agree with you but in this case, no it is the scanner :giggle:.
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You can't get any simpler than that for the papers name. That's an interesting quality of it, the ability to absorb the water.

Oooo, bummer, it really is the scanner. ;-)
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