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Soooo besides my regular tumblr...
I started an Ask Eikichi blog? Like, people submit questions to the blog and I draw Eikichi's responses. There are lots of blogs of this sort on tumblr-- it's a cool little phenomenon! Blog is here: http://askeikichi.tumblr.com/ Annnnyway, getting to the real point, it's some of the better art I've done in a while so I think I'll go ahead and post some of it here. :D I'm sure you guys are getting at least SOMEWHAT sick of the massive quantities of MS Paint crap I've been putting up here for the past few months. Heh;;;
Art Dump Incoming... *UPDATED*
My god do I have a backlog. D: We'll see how much patience I have to upload all this stuff. UPDATE: Welp, I ended up only getting 14 of them posted, BUT I KINDA THINK THAT'S ENOUGH FOR ONE DAY. Sorry to have bombarded, my lovely watchers~ Maybe I'll do the rest tomorrow, heehee.... LOTS MORE STILL TO COME.
So I haven't been able to access devART at all again for the past few days.. Finally got frustrated and decided to try booting into my Windows partition and accessing it from here again.. And it loads, just very VERY slowly. Dx Has it been running poorly for anyone else recently? Well, regardless, I'm much more active on tumblr lately.. Art is posted there before anywhere else, heh. Feel free to check it out if you feel like it: http://wafflesmccoy.tumblr.com/ A warning though-- I tend to spaz over weird stuff a LOT there. So, uhh. Yeah. Crazysauce. DON'T BE SURPRISED.


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Happy Birthday to you, WafflesMcCoy. :D
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MasterChief398|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Happy Birthday!! And Happy Easter!!
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thanks for the fav!
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Happy Birthday!!
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I absolutely LOVE your persona art!
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Happy birthday! :iconbirthdaycakeplz:
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