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                      JACK OMEGA NEMESIS THORNE by WaffleJunkie
  Jack and the Omega Box.

  In the year 2071 A.D.A.T. ( Anno Domini, Atomic Time) the world has become a futuristic, post techno-rational world ruled by weird super science. Renegade citizen, Jack "Omega Nemesis" Thorne is an Outlaw/Underground Engineer and Computer Hacker caught between "Evil" and "More Evil". He refuses to work for the corrupt U.S. President Malcolm "Overlord Jackal" Jamesworth and is hounded by various Groups of disreputable Super Women such as the Super Amazon Women, the Blood (Vampire) Witches, Ghoul Witch Amazons (G.W.A.nkers/G.A.nkers/G.A.nks) and the Wayward (Withering) Wraiths . Can Jack "Omega Nemesis" Thorne fight to save a world gone mad?
  The future has been thrown into a state of chaos as the world has progressed beyond its ability to control its technological wonders. Welcome to a world that explores such wonders as intersectional transdimensional engineering, cross parallel timeline pipelining, A.I. (Artificial Intelligence), O.I. (Otherworldly Intelligence), U.I. (Uploaded Intelligence) soul cloud, scientifically bred lab-humans, subversive underground hysteria clown-cults, non-returnable "untrackability-tech" ghost-systems phantom dealers, hedonistic sex cult sub-mutant X-breeders, life extending soul traders, anarchistic zero-growth anachronists, super-freak bio-engineers, luminescent free-thinking brain-storm clouds, bitch informant seduction submissives, cross-species eroto-evolutionist, regurgitation nutrients hydroponics farmers, psychotropic drugs hustling acid androids, telepathic mind-freak sex-steroid junkies, Utopian City border guard death-angels, Ghetto City fugitive hunting cyber-zombiotes, death penalty erotic electric orgasm chair executioners, consciousness synchronization/sleep stabilization dream therapist, cybernetic gladiator death row inmate games, Online death-dealing death row poker games, and global peekaboo surveillance network nude-freaks. Due to the prevalent "Techno-Craziness", the Earth is caught in a nefarious game of global dominance by its various scheming would-be world masters. World governments are now just illusory empty shells or platforms for ambitious master strategist. 

  The last living future planners believe the attempt to upgrade the future has backfired. They believe the protective, rational, technological border walls are all broken. Only 27% of the population believe they are living in an unadulterated normal existence flow. Only 21% of the population believe that the various "life-suck" techno-filters work for them. Only 12% believe that the mysterious Psychic-Ninja-Mind-Cult, the Echo-Monks, can protect the collective consciousness of the world at large. Only 3% of the population embrace the chaotic, post techno-rational, new realty. False prophecies of societal systematic sanity and hope rule the day.  
  Jack "Omega Nemesis" Thorne stands alone, a true maverick. Originally, creating anti-world control, freedom "Nemesis" Programs and Technology, Jack later augmented his technology with his "Omega" Designs. He has advanced his "Omega Technology" into a global "Omega Platform" by navigating through shifting loyalties to world governments, black-market underground organization, Superheroes and Super-villains. His "Omega-Tech Platform" or "Omega-Tech Network" is tied to his "Omega Device" that he calls his "Omega Master Box/Cube". Due to his history of shifting loyalties, he is trusted by no one and hated by many. Jack feels that his "Omega Master Cube" may be the key to a new age of enlightenment and freedom.  
  In keeping with his faith in the "Omega Cube", some say his guiding light is the newly discovered "Omega Star". It was discovered on the day he was born. The followers of the defunct "Omega Star" Cult felt that the "Omega Star" is sentient and has imbued Jack with the "Omega Force". His study into the "Cult of Omega" and his own genius level intellect have led him to discover the "Omega Dimension". He uses the "Omega Dimension" as a energy source to fuel is "Omega Cube". Some say that the "Omega Cube" is linked to the "Omega Star" via the "Omega Dimension". Due to his genius intellect, wondrous "Omega Cube", and independent will, Jack is forever on the run as a mysterious, shadowy, (some would say legendary) underground figure. He is categorized as one of the top ten feared "Male Masterminds" on the planet. 

JACK OMEGA NEMESIS THORNE by WaffleJunkie  The Omega Star Brotherhood  Reunited by WaffleJunkie
"Techno Craziness" Check list:

1.  Intersectional transdimensional engineering 
2.  Cross parallel timeline pipelining 
3.  A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) 
4.  O.I. (Otherworldly Intelligence) 
5.  U.I. (Uploaded Intelligence) soul cloud 
6.  Scientifically bred lab-humans 
7.  Subversive underground hysteria clown-cults
8.  Non-returnable "untrackability-tech" ghost-systems phantom dealers
9.  Hedonistic sex cult sub-mutant X-breeders
10. Life extending soul traders
11. Anarchistic zero-growth anachronists
12. Super-freak bio-engineers
13. luminescent free-thinking brain-storm clouds
14. Bitch informant seduction submissives
15. Cross-species eroto-evolutionist
16. Regurgitation nutrients hydroponics farmers
17. Psychotropic drugs hustling acid androids
18. Telepathic mind-freak sex-steroid junkies
19. Utopian City border guard death-angels
20. Ghetto City fugitive hunting cyber-zombiotes 
21. Death penalty erotic electric orgasm chair executioners
22. Consciousness synchronization/sleep stabilization dream therapist
23. Cybernetic gladiator death row inmate games
24. Online Death-dealing death row poker games
25. Global peekaboo surveillance network nude-freaks
26. Slot machine election booths


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