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red dead Kanaya

Ungh. Forgot I had this lying around. Looking at it now, it's pretty terrible. But I need an excuse to pimp out one of the best series of Homestuck fan writings I've ever read.

Bam. Red Dead Virgo.

I love this series. The characters of the alternate bloodline are handled very well, mixing their base Homestuck personalities with their alternate natures and situations to make something beautiful and new. Lots of wit and personality, and pretty funny too.

And uh, no. I'm not completely gay for it because of copious amounts of Vriska/Kanaya. Why must you suggest such a thing.

Kanaya © Andrew Hussie
"Red Dead Virgo" by adamantApoplectic
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I know I'm a few years late, but this was an amazing story.
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Yesss Red Dead Virgo is awesome! :heart:
I like that you've made her shirt red to match her skirt. unless it's supposed to be a dress then disregard my stupidity durrppp
For the font did you use a special brush to get the wobbly effect or did you just keep changing the pressure while you were writing?
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Nothin special, just used the default photoshop brush with pen pressure on. Having a clumsy, unsteady hand helps too.
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Ahh, I thought so! Thank you. :)
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AAAAA yes RDV is the best.
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Kanaya and Vriska are the best female trolls.
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Surely you can squeeze a Terezi into your heart somewhere. (H3H3H3)

Vriska, Terezi, and Kanaya are the epic troll triumvirate. Which makes Prospit best by default.
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Sure, Terezi's awesome. Who wouldn't like a troll fighting like the fictional Earth superhero Daredevil whom she does not know?
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Because of this, I've started reading Red Dead Virgo. Thank you. I really mean that. Also, I think you did an excellent job on this! I am just hoping you decide to portray the others from this alternate alternia.
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This meh drawing actually got someone to read RDV? Wow, I feel kind of honored.

Cerulean Karkat is my second favorite in this series. I'd do his next but I ought to cut down on all the Homestuck stuff.
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You should feel honored!

Yeah, spider Karkat isn't as much of a jerk as I thought at first, guess without the constant rage happening he's just a little bit of a tool instead.

And I wouldn't mind seeing what else you come up with, homestuck related or not, I like your style of characters. Especially the "hero mode" one on the left. Till next time!
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Edit: gah! that first line came out wrong, I ment I'm glad you feel honored.... I just realized that I sounded kind of like a tool myself there for a momoent :-)
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