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They look so cool!

By Wafferscotch
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Drawing of Faure, my OC.

The nobles...! They are so fancy, so elegant, so spiffy... SO COOL! 2 4 8 

What I Used: Photoshop
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colours are flawless

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thank you very much! :la:

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D'awww, this is too cute! :XD: :heart:

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Glad 'ya like her! :dummy:

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Really cute! I very much liked the colors you used, and I can tell you spent a lot of thought into the composition. Nice work! :D

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Thanks a bunch!

Yeah! Brainstorming it was an absolute blast! The process was also quite the treat, as I never expected the background to look as good as it turned out to be. :dummy:

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Looking forward to your next one bud :D

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Very nice work! :) !!! Congratulations on your much deserved, DD!

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Oh, hell yeah! Now both of my OCs have their own DDs that they're individually featured in. IT'S PERFECT! :dummy:

Thank you so much! I'm so happy that this happened Little Witch Academia - Akko is a happy toon

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:) !!! My true pleasure! I'm so Happy that it made you happy. :love: :sun: !!!

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I like the bright colours around her, and Faure is very cute with a look of wonder. But it also feels a little sad to me, a girl in patched clothing looking up at nobles who might not even see her... Wonderful picture, evocative.

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Insightful comment! Cartoon Akko L.W.A.

Well, for better or worse, at least she doesn't seem to mind getting ignored. The thing is, she thinks quite highly of the nobility, often seeing them through rose-tinted glasses.

I'm not really trying to push a narrative, so it's pretty subjective whether people perceive this as sad or whimsical.

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Your welcome 🙏
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I just want to hug her she looks so cute ( ´ ▽ ` )
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but she might be dirty :saddummy:

she's wearing rags and everything!

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But i'm sure that she need a big hug (´-ω-`)
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I love this drawing !!

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...and Faure loves nobility!

Thank you, and never stop lovin'! Cartoon Akko L.W.A.

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Very nice work :meow:

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