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...Set fire to heaven...
…Set fire to heaven…
Within these worlds that surround us unbidden
Replete with such trying and testing demands
Still I lay my truths and weaknesses before you
These torn and open tomes of my hellion soul
Smouldering white-hot and cindered
Astonishing powerless and unhindered
In crowning supplication I devote unto you
Into your soothing embrace I bequeath all I am
Such sweet and wanton succour I willingly attest to
As your comforting brilliance surrounds me
Entangled unguarded and enduring
Speechless wracked and alluring
With each frailty that becomes well exposed
As mindless intoxication overcomes all
I wallow in your trance-like enchantments
Naked invocations in my thoughts complete
Helpless forsaken and flawed
Graceless humbled and awed
Every hypnotic word uttered becomes my guide
With each whirling moment cast in endless time
Forever deeply inscribed within each pulse
As I set fire to heaven at your merest bidding
Devout supine and beholden
Pledged dazzled and golden
:iconwaeffe:Waeffe 1 0
...Stripped and exposed...
…Stripped and exposed…
Exposed in these perpetual lifetimes of insomnious contemplation
My flesh and skin falls from my weary and sickened bones
Aghast and held captive by my tumultuous raging thoughts
This skeletal and poorly crafted vision of my psyche
Evolved and becoming nightmarish in my viral solitude
As I am stripped bare appearing as if a dizzying torment.
Eyes fixed and unblinking I challenge the walls surrounding me
Incarcerated willingly as hunger picks at my weary resolve
My bleeding and wounded convictions lay shattered and limp
Each laboured breath oozes and pulses to a nauseated rhythm
Out of time and in poorly crafted place from the massed clarion
With each finger cruelly pointed picking and poisoned towards.
Helpless and weakened even in my own feverish false logic
I cast my gaze finally towards this unknown trespasser
This familiar this bonded phantasm of my contorted identity stares
Terrified tormented and a tripping empty vessel
This false and simpering
:iconwaeffe:Waeffe 0 0
...Blood flows...
…Blood flows…
Shivering exultantly in harmonious communion
My thoughts cascade with frenzied epiphanies
Entwined enshrined traced lines of sanguine claret
Willingly adrift in this maelstrom of joyous devotion
With breath held tight until the final absolution.
Skin slick as the ululations grow in rhythmic cadence
These oceans most dark before me do sustain
Bewildered unhindered in unforgiving reverence
Held delightfully captive with the purest caress
And consumed so greedily in such delicious embrace.
Convulsive rhapsodies flow in crushing waves
Interwoven and incurable this fever wracks gravely
Embryonic catatonic in symphonic hallows
In provenance harboured sweet honey blood chaos
This yearning melange of satiated thirst.
:iconwaeffe:Waeffe 1 0
In the Name of the Father.... by Waeffe In the Name of the Father.... :iconwaeffe:Waeffe 8 1
8lack thr3ad s0c psy3ty
Journeying in awe past treelines drawn and forgotten
As changeling dogs become a mosaic of mantras
Each or every moment loudly heralds
The growing earthen clamour between feet under.
Evermore encircling in karmic quiet calling
Beckoning unto the frozen sun rising down
Fasting in the glories of inner redemption’s horror..
Down-taking and deeply held in less direction
Remaining close within false harboured sanctum...
Always forever inspired beyond belief’s passion....
As the drum beats its ambivalent defiance
Tribal wanderings meekly meander and heel drag
Left behind in psy-phonic braided delight
With this night’s hoar-fall crisp and long overdue.
The loss softly inscribed with companions careless
The dance evolves with hypnotic whirls of frenzy
Whilst slender trails cast pin-sick shadows..
These transformed soldiers of chemical desire
All hail the letters tongue-tripped and trilling...
We will dream well today for tomorrow’s
:iconwaeffe:Waeffe 0 0
Of Trials and Forgiveness...
Of Trials and Forgiveness …
Eternally alone and vacant thro forever past, knowing not what one could bear
Keeping apart from all the distortions, a part of me cruelly understood
That the sacred noise and the secret lies, and the graceless fall and the glad denial
Were something only I ever heard, with the perpetual years tortuously turning
Caught in stasis I realised, the cover hid the pages buried and burned within...
A different chapter, a melody, a poison, in distinct and stark realisation
Morbidly consuming all, the shrouded chorus finally suffocates
In magnificent unreadable scripts, for which no voice calls the true meaning
Sails set on impending collision towards, the storm becalmed all around
Mesmerised and caught in total dizziness, while entwined eternally along this...
Ravaged by such glass humility, and with impossible meanings to fathom
But with a touch or with a smile, with a breath I am continually captured
Forever held in beautiful grace, as indeed I always doubt
:iconwaeffe:Waeffe 1 0
Mornings Splendour....
Mornings Splendour....
Poised in vine laden tranquillity
I cast mine eyes aloft
Distant scaped of vibrancies cascade
As sun blinkering golden green
Where all things unspoken and heard not
And treasures lay unclaimed and rusting
Oaken monuments stretch upon high
Leaf curled towards the heavens
As underfoot shorn short
A perfect carpet rolls and billows
Undulating this valleyed land
Whilst sweet sonnets are echoed afar
In this field of pitched slumbered souls
No more left now but to dream sweetly
But buzzing wafting searching sixes
Fancy fleeted dart and wander
Sinewed freckled stretched and cutting
Pale blue backdrop heats and shimmers
Basking and baking as all becomes slowly
With Summer’s fragrance sky bourne sours  
Neath chosen shadows calming posture
And blossoms mist abundance falling
Smoke stained hollows mark each boundary
Familiar comfort surrounding faint circles
Gently rippling eddies soothe the wary
Overwatched flaxen willowing after
Secure in carefree and hushing
:iconwaeffe:Waeffe 0 0
The spell of Ursa's efflorescence.... by Waeffe The spell of Ursa's efflorescence.... :iconwaeffe:Waeffe 8 2
Of fine days and mortals....
Of fine days and mortals....
Within greehn fields bubble-wrapped in canvas
And as the distant echo of oceanic splendour rumbles by
Such fine solace may be viewed aloft
Hidden amongst azure skies and snow-pure clouds....
At the end of Summer on Victory's edge.
Whilst veteran craft sail the heavens
Barefooted and carefree do the young wander
With dreams as yet unknown and un-borne
Hunger is satisfied in flame bright succulence....
At the end of Summer on Victory's edge.
Shadows long and guiding willful reverence
Onwards to the gathering most hollowed
With sun-brazen eyes aimed always Westward
The serenade lingers amidst true longing....
At the end of Summer on Victory's edge.
With the final bard and tribulated offerings
Weary mind, heart and shoulders sagged
The throng must merrily take their wanderings
To lucid homes and make shift memories....
At the end of Summer on Victory's edge.
:iconwaeffe:Waeffe 2 0
Acorns and Choruses....
Acorns and choruses....
'neath oaken shelter and baize-cut foot under
As the sonnets of late Summer soothes the storm
Feather-crack flights coo and warns
Whilst new pledged bravery is besieged by tutters
To break their fast with welcome plunder.
Potted and pitted with lines etched gently
As delicate petals reach in pastel reverence
Terranean growth does forge by perchance
Moss clothed stones do secretly mutter
In an earth-borne voice remembered most faintly.
But beyond drawn boundaries both low and high
Thatched, pine-proud and suckled honey
With darkest kingdoms grown save but ivy
Swift-soaring fancied flights at times do flutter
Until fair winds aloft guide a distant eyrie.
And as flying orient echoes wide and fair
Thunder-like journeys overseen far hidden
Leaving behind such tales all told and written
Forging cloud paths with a whispery stutter
In dream-esque haze and misbegotten sleepy stare.
In serenity's slumber and sky moon-dim
And fables worth holding unto the fold
The call the
:iconwaeffe:Waeffe 0 0
The Haven....
Within such urban pretence abundant
Amidst bustling and impossible demands
A panacea most unexpected greets
Lain hidden in perpetual secret welcome
To this kingdom finely built I travel
Each morn' in weary haze adorned
Greeted in greehn and chimes distracted
Undeniable light-shafts guide my way
Thro scented leaf via paths moss strewn
With fern and flower and blossom fine
Gentle colours do waft and sway until
My thoughts do calm and slowly centre
With candle bright and mirrored sparkle
And bells announcing every hour
I gladly retreat into that unknown
And evoke throughout a newfound calm
And as the night blends to the day
This haven found becomes surreal
All that I knew and that to learn
In feathered tranquil peace unfurls
:iconwaeffe:Waeffe 1 0
....Dog Tree Hollow....
As I rest my mind weary and body weak,
Mine eyes cast along the pitted ways,
Each vision that greets and every blossoming curve,
Dost soothe me most gently,
My spirit soars beyond belief,
As I slowly caress the welcoming perfume,
Of leaf and blade and sun-kissed turn,
Deep in Dog Tree Hollow....
From travels East nor to such Burley coverns,
I surround myself in a deepest comfort,
With twinkling serenity as the chorus fades,
The distant thrum lessens,
Stilling my heart and holding my aches at bay,
Such peace gladly invades me,
Held selfishly alone and satisfied in all,
Deep in Dog Tree Hollow....
As time eagerly passes,
The days unbeknown grow less,
Until they pass in dreams long to be told,
Thro arches gladly tapered, and paths secretly sown,
I will hold fondly close the sanctuary of tales,
Of my time spent lost most willingly,
And my dreams in final realisation,
Deep in Dog Tree Hollow....
:iconwaeffe:Waeffe 1 0
...POA... by Waeffe ...POA... :iconwaeffe:Waeffe 2 0 Bymtheg Melys.... by Waeffe Bymtheg Melys.... :iconwaeffe:Waeffe 2 0
Diary of an immortal - II
Diary of an immortal - II
February 1st
One of my favorite drinking places was closed down by the powers that be yesterday. Thankfully I was not there as all those found inside have since been silenced in various ways. Not all faced a trial, many seemed to have just disappeared. They were accused of harbouring those set against the authorities. Some were it is true, but most just went there to soothe their daily aches over some cheap ales.
No matter, it simply serves to give greater cause to those that were sought, and even more to the falsely accused. As word travels around the towns and villages of this crime against the common folk, so more become enamoured with the heady thoughts of revolution.
Still, it is almost inconceivable how far folk can be pushed without raising a fist. Tradition still weighs too heavily on our daily lives it would seem.
Eduardo Manklow
February 2nd
...and so the hour with such elevating welcome, assails our senses with a relief born from long overdue antici
:iconwaeffe:Waeffe 1 0
The Growing....
The Growing....
I will find somehow
Strength in all I do and all
The cold places most dark
Where I hide and shake
Will become mere memories
That I shall ne’er forget
For I will grow from my tears
The nagging doubts where
Once I drowned and floundered
Afresh tomorrow shall in rebirth
Allow all possible futures
It is in my hands as it is in my thoughts
Forever in my power to make
This new me become
I will surrender not unto
The doubts that possess
Nor will I shun the hand offered
Opened true and honest
And as I wake this day
I will hear only peace surrounding
No longer missing the harmony
That follows me closely
I will dance and I will spin
As I accept the tests not yet known
The paths that make me
The lessons which forge
I always will find
The light that guides the way
As this day the world is mine.
:iconwaeffe:Waeffe 1 2

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