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How To Kill An Assassin Ch. 2
Chapter 2:
Ryan slowly woke up, but in a Victorian Mansion. Half asleep, he said "Man, if I'm gonna keep waking up..." Ryan looked around with amazement and shock. His king sized bed was softer than feathers. Speaking about feathers, the wallpaper in the room was covered in feather pictures. The rest of his room was beige. The air smelled like a fresh batch of cookies."Is this heaven?", he asked. His eyes focused on the door frame. He saw a figure. It was his Aunt Marge. He gave her a death glare.
"No, this is an old abandon warehouse.", she replied.
"This doesn't look like one."
"It's only a warehouse on the outside. We don't want people to get suspicious."
She stopped talking, and Ryan gave her another death glare. "Who are you really? And why aren't I dead?", he asked. The lady walked closer towards him. She grabbed a gun from her case. Ryan froze. "It's a tranquilizer gun. It stuns, it doesn't kill.", she stated.
"I know what it does.", he assured. "But, that doesn't answer my firs
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How To Kill An Assassin Ch 1
Co-wrote by my friend Michael
Chapter 1:
One week later, the young man slowly woke up as he heard the doctors saying,
"Easy boy, take it nice and slow." It was black for a second. He saw a thin line in the darkness. His eyes slowly opened. He appeared in a white room full of white looking people. Then he realized he was in a hospital.
"What am I doing here?" The teenager asked.
"You got hurt, we healed the wound and you'll be able to go tonight." A doctor replied. The kid looked around the room, curiously.
"What happened?"
"Your parents were..."
"I know that part." The young man sighed. He was about to cry, but he shot straight up in his seat and let the man continue.
"One of your neighbours saw this attack, and reported it to the police. Unfortunately, they didn't come in time to catch him. They did come in time to catch the bodies, and you."
"I heard a man's voice tell him not to kill me."
"Must have been a co-worker, but that doesn't explain why they wouldn't have killed you."
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The Assassin Bender Ch. 4
Chapter 4:
I am so scared right now! I checked my leg to see if it was still bleeding. It stopped bleeding, but it still hurt a lot. I limped towards the entrance, with that heavy bag strapped around my arm. The smell of smoke came into play. I leaned on the wall to catch balance, and peered down the hallway. There was about 20 people on guard. None of them noticed me. If I walked down there, I'd get killed. There's only one way with dealing this.
I went back into the room and set my bag down. I scanned it to look for more grenades. I looked at the bodies. Their suits matched the guard's suits. "If I could get into their suits," I thought. "Maybe I could disguise myself and take them out that way!"
After I got into the suit, I hid two grenades in my pocket for the action. I looked at myself by the reflection off of the shattered pieces of the window. My clothes were all ripped up. It looks like I just killed someone. With my hat and my suit, I can blend in, saying that I killed the pri
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How To Kill An Assassin Prol
How To Kill An Assassin
The man in black stared at the house with anger. He gripped his gun so hard, blisters were forming on his knuckles. The sky was dark and the air was cold. Shivers went down his spine as he slowly crept forward to the house. He glanced around the street. No one was watching. No lights were on. "Good." He thought. He continued moving forward to the house. He took out a baseball bat. The gray steel almost took him off balance. He glanced up front. He saw a gate with a beautiful garden beside it. "I'll take the back." He thought. He began walking towards the gate. Instead of opening it, he jumped over the gate. While he was landing he got a scratch from the sharp edges of the gate. "Crap!" He almost said out loud. He got back up and continued walking.
He jumped over the wooden ledge that was in front of him. Stealthy like a ninja, he slowly moved to the back door. He rolled on the ground and was almost caught in the view of the door. He caught his breath an
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The Impregnable Mask Ch. 11
Chapter 11
"What are you doing?" I asked.
"I'm sorry!" Amber pleaded. "Really I am!" Then she sighed. "My father thought you'd sneak out. I was sent to make sure you wouldn't escape."
"Father?" Then it hit me. Amber lives with her mother and her stepfather. I never met her real father. Amber didn't want me to, for some reason. She said she was too embarrased to tell his identity. I would keep asking, since I'm the curious type. She still wouldn't tell me who he was. She'd talk about her father, though. She would give me clues to guess who it was. I never understood who she was talking about ... till now.
"Your father is the principal, isn't he?" I asked.
"Yes." She agreed with shame. "I didn't want to do this, but he gave me no choice. If I didn't try attacking you, he would punish me by both grounding me, and taking me out of the tournament. Yes he's a mean father.
"He dispised you. He didn't like anything about you. He tried playing nice and then crush you of your dreams. You know, Z
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The Impregnable Mask Ch. 10
Chapter 10
Pre-read By: Becca & Chantel
"Geez," Josh whispered. "No wonder her name is Ms. Baker!" I tried to hold in the laugh I was gonna burst. I put my hand over my mouth. I looked over to the girls. Rachel was giggling. "I'll give you kids five minutes. If any of you talk, you'll be Expelled for the week!" Ms. Baker yelled. She went back to reading her book in her comfy red chair.
"Ben," I got his attention. "What's the plan?"
"Well," he paused for a second, then re-focused. "Who is in charge of the tournament?"
"The principal." I answered in a whisper.
"Yes. And who helps out with it?" I looked at him with a blank face.
"The Student Council!" Zac said in surprise, like he was finally understanding.
"Mhm." Ben agreed. "And who's the president?"
"My twin brother, Brian." Zac replied. I hate Zac with a passion, but I despised his brother.
"Exactly." Ben whispered, nodding his head. "All you need to do i
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The Impregnable Mask Ch. 9
Chapter 9
"NO YOU DON'T, THIS IS MY GAME!" The Principal smiled.
I was outraged! He was the one that told me the prize! He was on my side! "Now what am I gonna do?" I thought. The principal left the track, laughing his head off. "This is my school! No one can change my mind!" The Principal laughed.
"Oh, we'll see about that!" Josh grinned. Then he did a laugh, like "Muahahaha!"
"Josh, come here." I said.
Josh came over slowly. "Yes?"
"Don't ever do that again!"
The day went on and the Principal made us sit in the detention room. With me, were: Greg, Ben and his friends, Josh (he's never been in detention before), Zac, Candace and Tyler (the two ninjas), and two girls named Melanie and Rachel.
Melanie was a mid-height, mid-sized kina girl. She had brownish/blackish hair. She was wearing a shirt that said: "Everyone thinks I'm fabulous!" I could tell what type of girl she is.
Then I saw Rachel. Rachel was a fairly tall girl, around my hei
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The Impregnable Mask Ch. 8
Chapter 8
One question filled my mind. "How did he know where I was?" . Earlier, I thought he was going to be in some serious trouble, but he's here, right under my feet! "Are you just gonna leave him there?" Josh asked.
"Well," I paused. "I ain't gonna take him anywhere else. Besides, what do I care where he gets knocked out?"
"True." We stared at Zac for a few seconds, then left the track. "So, now that you have the Alacrity part done," Josh paused. "Should we start on the Impregnable part?"
"Just speak normally!" Greg complained. "Yes, we should get started, the thing I can think of is lifting weights. Wanna try that?" There was no other thing I could think of. So I just replied "Sure."
We left Zac on the ground when it started raining. "Yes!" I thought. "Take that Zac!" I've always wanted the worst for Zac. It's just an old habit of mine. We were about halfway to the exit (It's a long track, what do you expect?). I could see two foggy statues in front of the exit. "Hey, is that, a
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The Legend of Zelda OOT Prolog
The Legend Of Zelda
Ocarina Of Time
In the beginning, three spirits made the universe. Din, the goddess of power. Nayru, the goddess of wisdom. Farore, the goddess of courage. Together, they created Hyrule. Din created the red earth that soon would be Hyrule. Nayru gave the spirit of law to the land. Farore produced life who would uphold the law. Once their labors were complete, they departed to the heavens, leaving behind the Triforce.
The Triforce holds each of their great power. They say that many people have tried but failed to get a piece of the Triforce. But the wicked man in the black armor has set to get the Triforce of power, so he could become the King Of all Evil. But just one Triforce isn't enough to rule the whole land. The man in the black armor will search for all three of the Triforces so that he can overpower Hyrule and become King of the World.
The Triforce of wisdom was destined to the to the last sage (Zelda), for only she and the Hero of Time, can defeat t
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The Impregnable Mask Ch. 7
Chapter 7
When I woke up, I was smacked by Greg. The sudden movement of him taking his hand to my face left a red bruise. "Ow!" I yelled. "What was that for?"
"I tried to wake you up!" he complained.
I felt my face. It hurt just to touch the bruise. "By smacking me?"
"I saw it in a movie." Greg confessed.
"Yeah, but they did softly!" I stated.
"Okay, enough!" Greg finally demanded.
Josh was on my right, so was Ben. "Scott you okay! Oh Zac is gonna pay!" One of them said.
"Ya I'm fine." I said. "I'm just confused."
The other one barged in. I think this one was Ben. "Well, you shouldn't worry bout him. The principal is gonna deal with him. So I confronted him after he knocked you out. He said something like Amber starting to like you again!"
"Wow, I think someone's jealous!" Josh laughed.
"I don't want to be with her." I confessed. "I don't want that to happen again."
"Good, but what we need to focus on right now is training." Greg said impatiently. "Let's see you stand up, Scott."
It to
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The Impregnable Mask Ch. 6
Chapter 6
The rest of the day was exciting. I could not stay still for 3 hours.
All I could think of was "Will I get the sword? I'm gonna try with all my
might to get that sword!".I felt like sneaking back to the office and just
taking the sword for myself! Then again, the Principal is a martial Artist.
I would net be able to take on him! He would beat me down in a second!
I walked back to my classroom. The bell already rung so everyone else was
in class. I could hear all the chattering in the room, even though I'm
probably like a football field away from class! I looked straight in front
of me, and I saw a door. The door that lead to my classroom. I was about
to open the door, when someone whispered my name.
"Scott!" the person whispered, barely speaking over his breath.
"What?" I asked.
"Come over here!"
I quickly rolled over to the location of the voice. It was my friend Ben.
"Hey, dude! What's up?" I said excitedly.
"Keep your voice down!" Ben pulled me down. "What did the principa
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The Assassin Bender Ch. 3
Chapter 3:
My eyes weakly opened. I looked around the room. There was all my stuff that the leader gave us. "Why didn't they take my stuff?" I wondered. I turned to look at Jesse. He wasn't there. The cold room had walls of gray steel. The air was a bit stiff. The floor I was standing on had stains of blood. I started to shiver.
I forgot the reason I was here. I smacked my head to focus. I looked around to find a door. There was a door, except it was strongly sealed. It had metal all over it. It would take 5 massive explosives to take that out. I checked my bag: Two grenades. That won't do half the damage. I'd be dead before the door could even get a dent. I looked beside the door. There was a window, but had a few strong layers. At least I could get through that. I walked up to the window and examined it. Every part of it was really strong, except for the corners.
I peeked through to see what was on the other side of  the door. There was tons of explosives. "If I could hit o
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The Adventures of Cirino pg. 3 by Wadns17 The Adventures of Cirino pg. 3 :iconwadns17:Wadns17 1 12 The Adventures of Cirino pg. 2 by Wadns17 The Adventures of Cirino pg. 2 :iconwadns17:Wadns17 0 2 The Adventures of Cirino by Wadns17 The Adventures of Cirino :iconwadns17:Wadns17 1 10
The Assassin Bender Ch. 2
Chapter 2:
When I woke up, I was in a red camaro, riding 100 mph. The car had nice orange flames running on the sides, with a black trim over that. Black smoke left the back of the car. The windows were tinted with a shade of blue. Hanging from the mirror was a little car freshener in the shape of a green pine tree. That's the scent of it, apparently. It was the nicest car I have ever been in.
I looked to the left of me. There was Jesse and our two bags. I looked in my bag. I don't remember packing a bag. Inside, was a fully loaded pistol, a bow, arrows, a disguise, grenades, bombs, two swords, and a shield. I looked at the bag with astonishment. I've never held a gun before. I might have used grenades, but only if there was no other way of killing the enemy. Swords are my main weapon, so there is nothing surprising about that.
I tried to shake Jesse to wake him up. Nothing happened. I grabbed a nearby water bottle and splashed it in his face. He woke up and smacked me in the face.
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Eric Ransom
This is a card of well, me. My friend 'The Courteous Ninja' (that's how u'll know him by) were foolin around with some stuff. I might post the card of him. Depends on wat he decides.

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Favourite style of art: usually paint but drawings r cool too
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Favourite cartoon character: Link or Foghorn Leghorn from Bugs Bunny Aang from Avatar, Dobby from Harry Potter
Personal Quote: " Chelsea Boo is so funny!"
I am truely sorry that I haven't put anything up lately, I've been distracted with my youtube account (MrMultiSkuller) and school. But since it's summer, I'm going to try to write a bit more for HTKAA. Thnxs for all who's checked out my stuff! :D
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