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KOS-MOS ver.4 for XPS update

exchangeable 'BlueEye' texture
fix some materials
include 'D-TENERITAS' pose file

KOS-MOS from 'Xenosaga Episode III: Also Sprach Zarathustra' belong to NAMCO BANDAI Games Inc.

Thanks for maxscript made by :iconmariokart64n:
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Link doesn't work anymore.

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she make look the terminator for a toy!
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Thank you so much for sharing these great models with great posing abilities, really appreciate it :)
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If you could get Shion (Vector Outfit) I would love you forever! xD
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sorry for late reply
If I have time, I may work about it.
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OMG, I thank you so much! =D (PS, if by the off chance you ever make a KOS-MOS v.2, please let me know! I will run as fast as the wind. =)
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WOA, has anyone seen that Megaman X fanimation by shane newville? Cause I think this is where he got those chainguns.
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sorry for late reply.
The original design of this chainguns in Xenosaga
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Alright I must ask, XPS is a format for what 3d modeling program?

I have 3DS MAX currently, any way I can conver it, open it elsewhere? Seriously been looking for a proper KOS-MOS model for eons!
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XPS is XnaLara Posing Studio.
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Much appreciated!
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Thx this model is epic , you are the best!
i hope you can fix here lips :3
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Have you her lips problem?
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it is specular effect of lip...
if you dont need it,
Options - Make items optional
select '25_speclip1_1_0_0' amd '25_speclip2_0.5_0_0'
press 'OK'
theres a dialog box, 'Display optional items by default?'
press 'NO'
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ohhh Sorry for my ignorance, now looks fine
wadamen you are my new hero, XD i hope see more of you work.
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Im glad i could help to you :)
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Thank you, i really like kosmos models
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it will be update soon
lamaw's avatar
i'm so glad to see that
Thanks ^^
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you are welcome!
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OH MY GOOOOOOOOOD!!!!!!! She's here.... She's Finally here. THANK YOU, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!, Now I can make my HD Version of her with a good base jijiji
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if possible, please make her titties fully! xD
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