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Eat Brains

I had this artwork floating around on my hard drive for some time now, so I finally decided to ink it up and give it some colour.
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Welp, this might just be one of my favourite things you've ever done.
It's simple, yet incredibly complex it it's detail and render. The lighting, particularly
on her hair, is just so damned viscerally enjoyable to look at, and the sinuous decaying
flesh of his face looks so very very cool. I adore the contrast of the two diametrically-opposed kinds
of flesh on display...

The word bubble is also a little stroke of genius.
And basically, I just can't get over how danged sexy it is! 
Perhaps you and I could collaborate on a piece like this sometime...? :)
WacomZombie's avatar
Godd to hear form you again , Thanks for the really nice compliment. I like the idea of the collaboration let me know what you have in mind :) Could be really fun.
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I have way too many things in mind. I'll try to keep it brief ;)
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This is great...
AlySsaInW0nDerLaNd's avatar
i love love love love love all of your freakin stuff!
CouchLegnd's avatar
Brains are nomnomnom!
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;) Do you have any halloween special work this year man?
WacomZombie's avatar
Hey Max , unfortunately not this year I have an idea I want to do , but I have been so busy , that I have not been able to get it done, I recon I will still do it, but it will be later.
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This is a fun picture on so many levels.
WacomZombie's avatar
Thanks sir, yeah this is one of those images, where there is no real reason except to just have fun with it.
TricomiArt's avatar
tits and a zombie head....these two things will be etched on my gravestone.
WacomZombie's avatar
Awesome, I like that.
screenlicker's avatar
Hey. Cool stuff Corlen. Are you still up in the UK or have you left already?
WacomZombie's avatar
Hey G-man , I have left already back here in sunny SA, escaping the icy grip of winter.
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What an awesome imcubus and form of cross!
Wonderer1000's avatar
Hi, wish you dark day!-)))
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