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Wonders of the GREAT BEINGS

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The many great things our god-like BIONICLE® beings have succeeded, and apparently, FAILED at...with a BIG, capital, "F"! (>w<)
So, as another tribute to the ten years LEGO® has worked on, I hope you'll all enjoy this piece of work, and curse those Great Beings and their impulsive excuse for obsessive creating, of all things.

1.The destruction of the Prototype Robot
2.Forging of the Kanohi Ignika (Mask of Life)
3.Construction of Toa Helryx
4.Blueprint for mechanical implants of Glatorian & Agori
5.The Great Beings
6.Mata Nui escapes the shattering planet of Spherus Magna
7.The inner workings of Mata Nui's head
8.An Iron Wolf
9.A Temple of the Great Beings
10.Bota Magna
11.Designs for the Kanohi
12.Bara Magna
13.The Three Virtues
14.Aqua Magna

I could've added more to this pick, if I had enough room that is. I'll probably make a second one featuring more that the Great Beings provided...because there are sooo many things in their life it's hard to count. Sorry if I did bad on the Iron Wolf there, I don't draw them often.

So, as I've said, enjoy!
So long, and R.I.P. BIONICLE®

Story elements belong to LEGO®
Concepts belong to ME.
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MillenniumShadowHobbyist General Artist
When did Teridax put Mata Nui to sleep and when did he get on Aqua Magna to form the isle of Mata Nui?
I'm still trying to figure out the story's timeline.
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When the Mata Nui robot left Spherus Magna when the Shattering occured, he went in a mission to explore the universe, and learn all he could, during this mission, the League of the Six Kingdoms tryed to conquer the Matoran universe, but they were stopped by the Brotherhood of Makuta, after this happened, Makuta Teridax began to formulate "The Plan", so that he could conquer the universe, after the Matoran Civil War happened, Miserix assigned the many Makuta to different regions, but the Makuta  started to grew jealous of Mata Nui, and Makuta Teridax proposed a coup to conquer the universe, after some time, when the Mata Nui robot was returning to rebuild Spherus Magna, Makuta Teridax launched a virus in Mata Nui's system, rendering him catatonic, and he crashed on Aqua Magna, this event was know as "The Great Cataclysm", or "The Fall", you can see it partially happening in the second movie, when the sky of Metru Nui went dark, after Mata Nui fell on Aqua Magna, he activaded his cloak protocol, creating the island, who was named Mata Nui!

I hope this is enough for your doubt!:D (Big Grin) 
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MillenniumShadowHobbyist General Artist
Even though BIONICLE is back, I prefer G1 BIONICLE over G2.
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You an everyone els here
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Oh top notch! Really brilliant, I quite enjoy your art style
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Interesting take. I'm currently working on a fanfiction set several hundred years after Teridax's death and this could work perfectly there, as there are three Great Beings in the story. With your permission, could I use this picture?
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the History of Bionicle!!!
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sniperray213Hobbyist Artist
I must say This is Impressive :D
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Ahhh, already new stuff to add to it. How wonderful that the franchise shall never die, and neither shall the story :D Greg is awesome.
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SHADOX19Hobbyist Digital Artist
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cutemute34Hobbyist Traditional Artist
A bit hectic here, but good!
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This is an amazing compilation. Beautful work. It wuld be awesome if you coloured it in and maybe had the three virtues faded over the whole thing.
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UahMarzuaAoataliStudent General Artist
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So much win here. I really like the effort you put into this. Such nostalgia warms my soul. Perhaps someday we can dream there will be new BIONICLE tales to tell, if not by the generation that made BIONICLE than by the generation that was inspired by them.

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amazing work. you should join Mata Nui Inc its a project where people write stories and draw illustrations about the early years of the great beings and glatorian before the construction of the matoran universe. you could also join Bionicle: Next Generation as a concept artist if you wanted aswell.
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SHADOX19Hobbyist Digital Artist
Can you send me a link to these groups?
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Bionicle: Showdown: [link]

Bionicle: The Next Generation 3D: [link]

Bionicle: The Next Generation 2D: [link]

Mata Nui Inc: [link]

mata nui inc focuses on stories with illustrations. bionicle showdown is a bionicle game development group and both the bionicle next generation groups work on movies one in 2D and the other in 3D.
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SHADOX19Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ah... many thanks my friend!
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This is just too awesome. As a true BIONICLE fan, you've nearly got me crying with this piece of art... just wonderful! Please... draw some more :)
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This is just epic! Man, we need to do some art together! Please :P

I am a decent writer, perhaps a graphic novel...(thinking loud) :D
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Or you could help the fan project, Bionicle: Next Generation, with some fan art. It looks amazing, so you would be able to help us greatly, I am sure! :D

Stay creative,
- Lukas
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Please post more concepts!
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man your drawings r awesome!!!
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Oh, the nostalgia~ :heart:
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