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Tahu Concept

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YES! After so long I finally finished!
It's Toa Mata Tahu in the (as you fans usually call it) transformers movie style, But leaning juuust a little towards that new Transformers war for cybertron style. Really cool looking game BTW. when it comes out, I'm get'n it.
I especially like the sword, even with those detailed lines and matoran language written on it. Enjoy=D

Character belongs to LEGO®
Design belongs to ME.
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Artoozy14Hobbyist General Artist
Amazing redesign! The amount of detail is really impressive! Great nod to the original Bionicle.
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HeinztheBlueGiantProfessional Traditional Artist
Excellent work! Truly!CURSE YOU! 
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EvoterriansHobbyist Digital Artist
Pretty well detailed. I was always fascinated by LEGO Bionicle, especially with some of the artistic takes on it. Kudos :)
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*gasp* He's better than I imagined.
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This is ******* awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!
Never seen such a great version of Tahu. You should totally do the other five Toa and then maybe all of them colored and put together, because this guy is just EPIC.
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the classic (first) version of Tahu is my favorite and this looks just amazing, thank you so much for making this, you've made an old bionical fan very happy ^w^
(not old as in old old but old as in no more)
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sniperray213Hobbyist Artist
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BlitzwinHobbyist Traditional Artist
EPIC design my friend :D
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Epic take on any toa!
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NuvaPrimeStudent General Artist
Duu-ude :)
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Shifter-Eternal Digital Artist
*jaw drops* that.is.AWESOME!!!
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Daizua123Hobbyist General Artist
Two words: F**king awesome. If there were a live-action Bionicle movie with people in it, I bet they'd look something like this. You should do the other Toa.
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I totally agree.
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Dude, that's totally the graphics for a RTS or RPG! You should send it to Lego.
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Lol, that mask is awesome. The proportions are off a little, but I think that effect creates a more toyish feel about the sketch. I think it works beautifully here to connect to the spirit of the toys themselves, which were naturally off proportion.

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to me it looks a tad like the mata nui robot and seeing how the toa mata were sposed to be made in the image of mata nui it works really well. its some great art skills you have there. i really like the neck and the back of the head. something ive tried figuring out how to do for my project im working on.

again great work
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toajunHobbyist Photographer
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DAAAMN! That's awesome.
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This is going in mah favs!
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Matteo-T-I-FHobbyist Traditional Artist
This one I do have to criticize just a tad. Everything lookes epic as usual but I think you made his mask look just a little too evil looking. He's kinda lost that fierce benevolence he had about him. Tahu is very iconic. Its just my personal opinion but I think going a little more simpler in the face to retain just a bit more of the original mask would have kept that "good guyness" about him.

Do you ever use the bionicle movies for reference as well?
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You captured Tahu in pure cinematic greatness. 'Nough said.
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kairon92Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I like how you combined both Bionicle and the movie Transformers design. That's pretty creative.
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nice' tahu never lookt that awesome before :)
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