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Bionicle Concepts-1

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Just a few rough drafts I did from the Bionicle® franchise in a style similar to the Transformers movie design.

I know this sketch looks like it was rushed through pretty quickly, but lets face it, this is just the beginning.

Expect more coming soon.

Bionicle® characters belong to LEGO®
Art designs belongs to me.
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AutisticWerehogHobbyist General Artist
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Biowoman324Hobbyist General Artist
The visorak looks amazing!
Austin7613's avatar
Great work! I've been a fan of bionicle since the beginning and it's great to see designs like these. I certainly wouldn't want to run into any of these even if I were a Toa.
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Daizua123Hobbyist General Artist
These look so terrifying.
orionpaxg1's avatar
This looks so realistic!
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GaelCrossHobbyist Traditional Artist
Amazing sketches. It just reminds me the best of my childhood. Thank you :')
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AnaLex847Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Cool sketches^^
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flapjack48Student General Artist
That's really awesome!
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scribblefiloStudent Digital Artist
These look amazing!
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Sidorak12814Hobbyist General Artist
This is amazing. The Visorak is particularly buttkicking. I love the concept of how the Bohrok launches the Krana.
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MY GOD!! :o (Eek)  THIS IS INCREDIBLE!!!! :happybounce: 
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henrykhaungHobbyist Digital Artist
Man!!!! a live action version of BIONICLE!!! ^__^
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TraheripteryxHobbyist General Artist
All Vahkis were killed by the Visoraks...
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Just-RubeStudent Digital Artist
Traheripteryx's avatar
TraheripteryxHobbyist General Artist
They were wiped out by genocide.
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jallerXHobbyist General Artist
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cutemute34Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I like how streamlined you made the rahkshi 'flying mode' look.
Rajalyoko23's avatar
Rajalyoko23Student Digital Artist
Badass and bulky.
Zektrannus25735's avatar
Zektrannus25735Hobbyist Writer
You really should make a bionicle comic, these are amazing!
The-Dapper-Scrapper's avatar
Nice. Also the Vahki has a whole star wars clone wars animated feel about it. I love it
Amarocker's avatar
Dude, it's awesome. Send it to Lego.
TempestRunner's avatar
Oooh... very conseptual!
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LightrundasStudent General Artist
My first Bionicle was a Vahki.
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you should make a manga cause this is AWESOME :la:
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