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BIONICLE Concepts-2

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I've got to admit, these turned out AWESOME.
The characters I have featured here are:

2.Bohrok (ball mode)
4.Toa Vakama
5.Toa Hahli
7.Makuta Teridax
8.Makuta Teridax 2
9.Axonn & Brutaka
10.Matoran, from left to right: Tanma, Balta, Takua, Akmou, and Dekar
12.Baterra with gauntlet weapon
14.Baterra with Blades

Sorry if I didn't finish Brutaka and Axonn, I didn't have detailed images at the time, I'm usually more better that way.
But I'm planning on new ones of 'em later.

Enjoy BIONICLE® Fans! ;)

BIONICLE® characters belong to Lego®
Designs belong to ME
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SonicandKaijuArt's avatar
7 looks like the movie Megatron.
Makuta-Trixaan's avatar
Makuta-TrixaanHobbyist General Artist
Hey, Look, A Megatron cameo!

no.7 looks like Megatron from TF1
Multiomniversal124's avatar
Your art is awsome and so are you!!
Daizua123's avatar
Daizua123Hobbyist General Artist
Makuta's faces there remind me of Megatron from the movies.
TheValefor's avatar
TheValeforStudent Traditional Artist
This would have made the MOST PERFECT BIONICLE animated series!!!

I will just have to beg God to make it happen in my next life.
orionpaxg1's avatar
Unlike how you made the Baterra similar to Bohrok since they are based of them
extinctionguy350's avatar
Who that on #7? He looks like Movie Version Megatron from
the transformers movie franchise
ToaMissingno's avatar
ToaMissingnoHobbyist Traditional Artist
Hahli looks awesome.
Sidorak12814's avatar
Sidorak12814Hobbyist General Artist
Okay, I just have to note how incredible Teridax's mask looks. Great reconception of the reversibility!
matanui12's avatar
matanui12Student General Artist
I like your style. These are great. Especially Vezon
TorisChrusade's avatar
TorisChrusadeHobbyist Writer
These look like Transformers from the Beast Wars series.
AlexTacorda's avatar
AlexTacordaHobbyist Traditional Artist
So fucking cool
Traheripteryx's avatar
TraheripteryxHobbyist General Artist
What are Baterras? Minibohroks?!
Jahoan17's avatar
Jahoan17Hobbyist Artist
The machines that inspired the Bohrok's design. They were built by the Great Beings to end the Core War by killing anyone holding a weapon. It went about as well as you would expect, and their greatest contribution was forcing the Skrall south after wiping out every Leader-Class save Tuma.

They also constructed the Valley of the Maze.
rana06's avatar
rana06Hobbyist Digital Artist
amazing o.O
DD2111's avatar
This shit is cool as fuck! :D
moonstoneface's avatar
The Fikou is so cute! :)
Le-Rainbow-Wolf's avatar
#5 looks real kick ass
Shifter-Eternal's avatar
Shifter-Eternal Digital Artist
*jaw drops due to epic bionicle drawings*
darkdragoneye's avatar
darkdragoneyeStudent General Artist
The-Dapper-Scrapper's avatar
These are all brilliant designs but your Makuta has, to be honest, a whole movie Megatron feel about it. Also the Baterra is incorrect as they are not Bohrok like but these are all creative concepts.
Sorry for the negativity but I try to be honest.
warahi's avatar
warahi General Artist
I always thought that movie Makuta looked goofy. I'd have taken any iteration of the Krahkaan over what he had there.

The Bohrok are pretty cool, but your style seems to lose the clockwork feel of their universe.
Aernyk's avatar
I love the Kraahkan but everything is awsome.
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