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A New Era Dawns

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As the title says, this is truly the dawn of a new era of LEGOs. A tribute to the birth of BIONICLE® in 2001, now to live on in our memories as it makes it's conclusion this year.
R.I.P. BIONICLE®.(sniff):(

"AHEM," anyways, I am TRULY happy with how this turned out, as a tribute to the ten years of ultimate creation LEGO has given us.

A few things I want to point out just in case: No, Tahu is not dying from lack of power or something like that. And no, he is not on fire, unless you want to see it as if the spoke is the cause of his fire power being active. He's mostly trying to reassemble himself before going to his mask.

So there you have, hope ya fellas like it, and hope you BIONICLE® fans like it even more.:^w^

BIONILE® storyline belongs to LEGO®
Design belongs to ME.
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Mister-CroolHobbyist General Artist
It's a boy!
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RyanonicleStudent Artist
A brilliant picture capturing that awesome moment in Bionicle history indeed! :)
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oryxaceHobbyist Writer
Bionicle is back, with new sets, and a new storyline.
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LORDTybStudent Traditional Artist
"ARhem"....Well huh.... How to put it lightlely... THEY'RE F**** BACK !!!!!
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OldandNewShowsForevsProfessional General Artist
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GlenfoxxHobbyist General Artist
Oh the nostalgia! You capture the moment well.
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This is amazing.
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sniperray213Hobbyist Artist
Im so sad that Bionicle ended :( I wanted it to go on and not get replaced. I am a huge bionicle fan and this does bring memories back when I was a child who was introduced to bionicle after getting my 1st Mata set.
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XodiachHobbyist General Artist
i almost cryed looking at this. soo many memories...
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Freaking love it.
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lbpfan21Hobbyist General Artist
this is great looking!
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Shifter-Eternal Digital Artist
This is awesome
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AloharrStudent General Artist
simply fantastic. i'm completely blown away by the entire design and aesthetic you went for.
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This is brilliant, I love your work. It looks like he's literally gonna fall apart if he doesn't get that mask and it makes the whole scene so much more dramatic
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HeontrisHobbyist Traditional Artist
I wish Bionicle hadn't ended...

But, this picture definitely shows the 10 years... somehow...
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Inspired. I am so nostalgic right now, I need to find some of my BIONICLE books...

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toajunHobbyist Photographer

p.s you should still do fan art there is alot of it out there
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Whoa... this picture is haunting... but in a good way for us fans. This is amazing. I congratulate you on this piece of artwork.
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Really love this one. A sad thing to see Bionicle get replaced with Hero Factory.. :L

I'd say you captured this truly epic moment perfectly.
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tahu mata =3
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Bionic-KittyHobbyist General Artist
i nearly cried when i found out these guys were gone for good...this. is. EPIC 00 *fave*
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tarukatheultimateHobbyist General Artist
This is beautiful : D
I don't know why, but I always seeing some matoran seeing the toa canisters and going: "Well, there goes the neighborhood"
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