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Portrait Features

Wed Jul 9, 2008, 5:55 AM
I never seem to update my journal, so oops! Not that I ever seem to have much to say.

I've recently been managing to take more portrait photographs. I love portrait photography when it turns out well - but it's so hard to practice because the vast majority of people I know seem to be camera shy!
But I've had a few people not mind me taking photos of late, which is always nice.

And on that theme, I shall update my Featured works.

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Self Promotion:

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Testing, testing, 1 2 3

Journal Entry: Sun Feb 3, 2008, 10:10 AM
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I went to the USA for 17 days in November, to Boston and New York city... and hopefully will get around to posting some photos that I took during my trip as soon as I get the chance. Also assuming that any of them actually turned out well, because I've not actually looked through all of them yet!

But the trip itself was fantastic, and my first holiday in 3 years! And New York at Thanksgiving time is a very pretty (and crowded at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade!) at this time of year.

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Huh, I seem to have got the photography bug back (yay!). And for the first time in ages, I'm actually really liking my photos too. I'm usually really fussy over my stuff and know that it sucks... but I've actually liked the recent stuff! Makes a nice change if nothing else.

And if I can continue improving, then I will be one very happy bunny.

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So for most of April I was working on my final year project for my physics degree.
For the whole of May I was revising, and then doing exams.
At the beginning of June I was relaxing and then went home for a week.
And now when I was going to play catch up with all the people I'm watching and was planning to clear my deviations watch list of the zillion that have built up... Our ISP cancels our service before the date we actually told them. And now I can't play catch up properly until I'm at home in a couple of weeks! *Rolls eyes*

But in other news, as you can probably tell by my new deviantID, I bought myself a dSLR!!! A Canon EOS 400D. Such a beaut. Yay for me!

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Yay, I got me a new camera in the post the other day! I knocked my last one on the floor and it stopped working a few months back (d'oh), so I finally got around to being able to buy a new one.…

It's so very lovely. And is one of these digital compacts that is close to working like a dSLR without being an SLR.

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Merry Christmas/Happy holidays to everyone!

Hope you all enjoy yourselves, and spend time with family and friends.
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Ooh, yay - I have had 200 pageviews on my profile. That makes me very happy! *g*

Aren't I just the geek? ;-)
So not only have I just had 100 people view my Raindrops On Roses 1 (…) photo, but I have also had 100 pageviews on my profile page! Yay me.

And yes,  100 is nothing for most people out there, but it's pretty cool for me! *g*
I've finally finished all my exams, and my second year of uni is done and dusted.

Now I can finally catch up on, well, everything really! Feels like my life has been on hold for a good month or so!
I finally got round to opening an account, which I've been planning for months! So here I am!

And hopefully my graphics muse gets a bit more inspired than it's been lately... which has been almost non-existant!