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[Fluff] Commission - Andromeva by Wacky06 [Fluff] Commission - Andromeva :iconwacky06:Wacky06 14 2 Commission - JayNut by Wacky06 Commission - JayNut :iconwacky06:Wacky06 65 9 Commission - JayNut by Wacky06
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Commission - JayNut :iconwacky06:Wacky06 34 2
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Wacky06 has started a donation pool!
2,360 / 1,000
I would like to hold contests, maybe commissions and stuff... Som I am collecting points for them :D

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I would have never imagined that I will stay away from DA this long, but guess adulting started in my life and I no longer have free time or creativity.
I am triing to get back into drawing slowly, and I just wanted to drop by and say that thank you all for still liking my stuff and cheking it out even if there wasn't an update since forever. 
You can catch some drawings on Instagram but I am not really active anywhere I guess.
I m finishing up some commissions right now, so I am triing to tie all the loose ends before I get back to creating for me and for fun... I was never this late with commissions, but thank you for understanding and being patient!
I guess I just wanted to say these stuff :D

I hope everybody is okay and out there being fabulous!
Hello World!

So I know I decided to change things up and all but hey... I just scored a job! So this month I have to do some stuff there even if I am not full time yet. So I decided to simply ease in with the commissions this month and I decided to keep the old list. When I am able I will update it, but till then hopefully I can still do some basics.

If you would like a more detailed commission, full render or even character sheets, please check back in february.  Then I will be able to show some new stuff, new chategories and all that!

First, some example arts, what I do these days with my art!

Hyun [PATREON] by Wacky06Cormano and Steve by Wacky06Family Walk by Wacky06So smol... So precious.... by Wacky06 [STREAM] - Here to save me? by Wacky06

What I do?

  • OCs
  • FCs
  • Canon characters
  • Pairings (OC x OC, FC x FC, OC x FC, etc.)
  • Real people
  • Action
  • Blood

What I don't do?

  • Anything againts the DA policy
  • No +18 art
  • Furries
  • Mecha
  • Fetishes
  • Nothing too gory and bloody
ALSO! Please ask if you have any doubt about your commission! And don't be offeded if I refuse it. Even if it is in the "What I do?"chategory. I am a person also, so there are things which I am not comfortable drawing, even for money or an order. There are other artist who might gladly take your commission. Thank you for your understanding!


I use the DA widget system and PayPal. The paying process will be described later in this journal.


Inugami - Commission by Wacky06Bath time by Wacky06Commission - IstSexyiIckJ by Wacky06 Makeup buddies by Wacky06

  • Head shot: 5$/ 500 Points
  • Half body: 6$/ 600 Points
  • Full body: 7$/ 700 Points
  • Colored: +5$ / 500 Points
  • Every additional character is: +4$/ 400 Points


  The Ayers Twins by Wacky06[STREAM] - Mix by Wacky06Sisters - Commission by Wacky06

  • Basic: 20$/ 2000 Points
  • Colored: 5$ / 500 Points (this is for the whole thing, not /sketch)
  • An extra additional sketch is: +4$/ 400 Points
One basic sketch dump contains 5 sketches max. If you would like more, you can ad 5 extra, so a maximalized sketch dump can contained 10 sketches. (1 sketch contains 1 scene). One scene/sketch can contain max 3 character. If there are special circumstanced, please let me know and we shall find a solution.
There is no size limit, it is up to you, what would you like on it. You can choose from: headshot, half body, full body, chibi (my kind). that you would like to pay with PayPal, after fixing every detail and price, I will send you my PayPal e-mail adress, where you can send the payment. 


Commission - JayNut by Wacky06 Surprise! by Wacky06   I am a colourful person by Wacky06 

The price depends on your ideas, the number of characters and panels. If you would like this type of commission, we will discuss the details in notes!


Family Walk by Wacky06Highlight in distress by Wacky06[STREAM] - Here to save me? by Wacky06
  • Head shot: 10$/ 1000 Points
  • Half body: 11$/ 1100 Points
  • Full body: 12$/ 1200 Points
  • Every additional character is: +7$/ 700 Points


INKTOBER 2016 by Wacky06

  • Head shot: 10$/ 1000 Points
  • Half body: 11$/ 1100 Points
  • Full body: 12$/ 1200 Points
  • Every additional character is: +7$/ 700 Points


Hello darling! by Wacky06Eyes by Wacky06Oh, so social... by Wacky06

No background or simple color
Price: Free

Commission - JayNut by Wacky06  Botskey by Wacky06 Eggnog by Wacky06

Easy background with simple elements
Price: 4$/ 400 Points

[STREAM] - Here to save me? by Wacky06 Sample by Wacky06Commission - JayNut by Wacky06

Detailed background
Price: 15$-20$/ 1500 Points-2000 Points
It depends on what would you like!

The list may change, I may add new chategries and options, but as for now, this is all!


  • Please do not send me notes on a daily basis asking how am I progressing with your stuff. I am doing my best to get everything done, but I also have a life to live and other art to do. I will show the process next to your name on the list to keep you informed. Of course if I am really looking lost - like for days or a week - feel free to ask about it! :) (Smile)
  • I do hold to my right to change things in my journal or my list, if my options change!
  • I will not chase you with notes for infos. Please send everything listed below! It takes up a lot of energy and time to check things for you...
  • If something does not match my system or morals, I have the right to decline a commission. It is not againts you, but if I don't feel comfortable to draw something, I will not do it. Sorry.
  • Do not send me any references or points till I accepted your request for commission and put you on the official list!
  • If you want me to, I can send you a sketch about the process when I am done with the basic composition and characteristics. I will not do it if there is no need, but if you want me to, you can ask for it. :) (Smile)
  • If you have any special requests (about the resolution, or to let it be private, etc.) please tell me in advance.
  • It is not a problem if you don't have any drawn reference of your character! But please then give me some really detailed written reference and some pictures, which can guide me! It can be from google, Pinteres etc. Just some visual aid!
  • If I can't reach you and you have not sent me any infos or the payement till the last week of the month, I will take you off the list. So please only ask for a slot if you really want to commission me. It is not a problem if you need a few days or even a week to sort things out.


  • If you are interested, please leave me a comment or send me a note. Note
  • If I accept it, you will be put on the commission list, where you can watch what is your commission's status and I will note there if the payment is done or not.
  • If I have recieved every informations needed about the type of commissions you would like and the references, I will send a price.
  • Right after that I will create a commission widget, just for you, with your price, like <RandomDeviant's commission>. Then there you can order it! Please don't send points to my donation pool or to my profile, I use the widget system! Thank you!
  • If you have ordered it and I will start working on it as soon as possible!
  • I always send a note with the finnished piece when I am done!


The begining process is just the same as a point commission one, but if in the sheet, you mention that you would like to pay with PayPal, after fixing every detail and price, I will send you my PayPal e-mail adress, where you can send the payment. 


If you are interested in commissioning me, please fill this "form" out, which will hopefully cover every part of the needed stuff.
If I have a question or I have doubts of the pose I drew, I will note you as soon as possible!

Commission type: sketch, colored sketch, colored full body, etc.
Background: what kind of background would you like for your picture?

The number of characters:
The name of the character(s):
The age of the character(s):
References: if possible, send me some colored references too, because otherwise I will only be able to guess the colors. If you have some pose ideas, please send a reference about those too or describe the idea to me. If you don't have any pose ideas, I will come up with something by myself.
Personality: for the same reason as above, I don't like being OOC
Some background story: it is not neccessary, but it helps me picture them in more situations and more in character if I know a bit more of them.
Extra infos: if they have some attributs or something you really wish to be there (like jewels, tattoos, scars, etc.) or you have any request about the picture

Payment: Points/Pay Pal
Extra: If you have any special request in connection with the commission please say it!


<< CLOSED >>
  1.  JayNut Commission - JayNut by Wacky06
  2.  Andromeva -  [Fluff] Commission - Andromeva by Wacky06

  3.  RooksNote PayPal (2007-2014) Icon midWrite A Masterpeice
  5.  JayNutNote 

Note  - Recieved a note with the form and discussing details.
Points / PayPal (2007-2014) Icon mid  - Recieved payment (points/paypal).
Write A Masterpeice- Work in progress.

If you have any questions, please don't be afraid to ask!

This was me for today :D (Big Grin) Have an awesome day/week/everything :D (Big Grin)



Artist | Digital Art

I decided to refresh my ID a bit.

Though my tag says, I am a proffessional artist, that just means, I am no longer in school and triing to make something out of my art.

I love to create digital art and traditional art as well, I love to experiment with new styles and tools. I love to create characters and stories for them.

Some other sites I am on:
¤ Patreon:
¤ Instagram:…
¤ Facebook:

:iconcommissionsclosed: :iconrequestsclosed: :icontradesclosed2: :iconcollabsclosed: :iconnogifts: :iconnokiribans:


I don't write this under every piece of my art, but it sands for all. We can talk about it, but please do not steal from me, or anything like that. Thank you very much. Or tag me in the description as the owner of the OC, so I could see it.

If you have any questions or just want to say hi, send me a note! :D



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