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Dark theme for Aero And Basic Style
For Windows Vista Service Pack 1 32b only

Special thanks goes to:

1. :iconvathanx: =Vathanx
2. :iconsteel89: ~Steel89
3. :iconsweatyfish: ~sweatyfish

For letting me use some of their resources...

Please take your time and visit their galleries, they are the best !!!


2 Start Menus (Black, Black'n'White)
2 Start Buttons (Circle and Square)
2 Streams ( With Black and White Borders)
2 Favorites Panels ( All White and Black'N'White)
2 Navigation Buttons (Circle and Square)

See Image for more details...

Shell32.dll, Browseui.dll, Instructions and many patches in zip file.

Test your wabbitness [link]

Other styles i created [link]

Please fave if you use

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Beautiful theme, perfect

One question. What's the purpose of replacing shell32 if none of the extras do anything to it?
Or can you make this whole theme for 64 bit? I would pay for it.
This is the best theme I have ever seen.
I tried it half a year ago and it worked perfectly, but I'm using vista 64 bit now. If I change *.dll files my OS won't boot. I just want to ask If you could make those dlls for 64 bit. I would really appreciate it.

Thanks piggyslav
THX from Thailand
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By far the most beautiful and I dare say the most perfect VS for vista to date.
Everything about this theme is amazing. It's one and only fault is that the taskbar doesn't flash/blink when for example a new message is received in messenger and so.

I really hope you'll add this feature someday. It's really important you know ^^!

Great work. Thank you very much for sharing~
hi, any chance you will make similar skin for Firefox and Winamp? :)
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hi, i use cpro bento skin for winamp and addon for mozilla that lets u color your firefox...
Thank you for advice. :)
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This is the best overall theme I have found. I've been through so many themes and finally I find this! This is the one, exactly what I was looking for. Thanks for making this awesome VS, finally I can end my search for the perfect Vista theme.. :-)
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This theme has to be the cleanest and smoothest that I've seen so far and I love the darker look and color of the shell and taskbar - it's definitely the best blackish theme out there for vista in my opinion. Excellent excellent excellent theme.
I like this theme but I wonder if its possible to change the orb on the start bar? I want to put a red orb but i cant find the file to it
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Hi there!

First of all, very well done theme.
I like the black window borders very much, exactly what I was searching for!

But the scrollbar style is a little "too much", they somehow look out of place in most windows.

So, pretty please, Is there a possibility to do a mod with light scrollbars too?

And, I recognized a little glitch in the progress bar of the "standard programs" window, while it still searching.

Kind regards,

How do i change the start menu... im really new to this and i dont know how. So if someone could kinda tell me step by step that would be very helpful.
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love the theme but there is something in it
the window in taskbar dun flash but else it very good
Not liking the blue separators
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cool theme but how can make hard drives like in the picture? i used your shell32.dll mine are still normal
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i use icon packager from stardock...
And icons you can find at [link]
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Cool Visual, Interesting Quiz-I like-It rated me as Cool! :)
Add a thin taskbar version and it would be perfect.
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