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Purple Flowers

Purple Flowers for Vista 32b aero reposted
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i love this theme can u send me to were i can download it for my laptop its widows vista ?
please pretty please for the love of themes make 1 compatible with win 7[link]
This is awsome, however I post a hint on here to help others, when changing all the files and It says you can't cause it's already in use you may need to change your theme back to windows basic, especially when you need to replace things later on. apart from that this theme is awsome thank you for sharing!!! u got a fav!!:D
This is a wondeful theme but its sad that its vista only can you please make this windows7 32 bit compatible please? thanks alot you are a genius
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OMG Can you show me where I can get this?!
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There's download button at the right top of the webpage :)
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Awwww! It's so not fair that there are amazing visual styles like this one, but only for Vista...
I'm with Windows 7 32bit, and I'd kill to have this theme installed...! Any chance of making it Win7 compatible? Pretty please...
It's very beautiful but i don't arrive to install this in my computer, I don't understand why...
Wonderful design. Thank you so much! And yes, I joined the site for the sole purpose of telling you that this is beautiful.
Wonderful design. Thank you so much!
how can i download this
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There's a download button in a top right corner...
il y a vraiment des gens très très doués dans ce monde...MErci C'est trop super
Dear Wabbitns,

I really like this theme, but I have a question for you. Normally when someone sends me a message on msn and the msn windows is minimized, I get a flashing button on the taskbar. But after installing this theme, nothing flashes. It is really annoying to maximize the screen and look again and again to see whether someone has written something.

Do you also have this problem, if nog could you tell me how to solve this?

Kind regards,

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yup.... sorry that is a bug... Can't fix it since i'm on win 7 now...
Sorry.. :(
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beautiful!... my mom's gonna love it! she loves purple very much!.. c:
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hi all aım from france .. is to nice thme of vista goodd tnks
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awesome.. very cool :)
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i had never seen like this, amazing
comment fait on pour l'installé?
Hi! how to do this! I tried to download but after that i have no idea what to do.. someone can help me! in french if possible! better for me to understand! thx

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Really beautiful! Great work!
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