Ok Let's make a little FAQ! If you have any questions concerning Meris, fakemon, art, or anything else, I'll try to answer ;)  

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By Wabatte-Meru
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Can I please make a fanart of your Pokemons (especially Eeveelutions)?

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What did you use to make the Meris dex?
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Please share the irl location of the region!
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hahaha ok let me give you some BIG hints:
The pokemon which are the most representative of this region are:
Llaminyade, Incandox, Nayadame, Mershola, Maspook and Vipetra.

I didn't want to make it too obvious which is why the designs are not huge stereotypes
of this country's culture or history.
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Um, I'm sorry, but I can't seem to find any of these in Meris.
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Thanks, I feel really dumb now! 
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Were there any designs or concepts you had for the Pokémon and region that were scrapped or heavily changed?
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lmao! like.... all of them!!!!! xD
These are the first version of the starters:
  Lol by Wabatte-Meru  
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That’s awesome! I’ve always been obsessed with beta content, especially when the Johto beta happened.
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hmmm some of these might have already been answered so I apologize in advance.

How many pokemon does the Meris region contain? And how many more can we expect to see (or roughly, re we like 50% through of 75% etc).

What is your favorite design of the Meris region so far?

Any humorous or interesting stories behind a design?
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You can expect roughly 40% more I think :)

One of my favorite design so far is Squirtsea' shoal form. But my favorite one will come soon! 
This fakemon is actually my favorite ever! I'm so happy with the result!!!! The funny thing is I'm
not a fan of these two types but what we made is so original! I think you will like it! 

Interesting stories? :  Well Luis and I started to work on the designs last year. It took like 2 whole 
months at least to make all the designs. So everything is ready more or less. The arting is just the
time consuming part. I'm really happy with this project and I hope we'll be able able to upload everything

funny story: Luis made fun of me because I have too many waifu pokemon xD 
Some fakemon are references of things I like (DHMIS, Sia, Dead or Alive, ...) 
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oooo 40% more yay!

Yes I love Shoal form! It's such a fabulous idea! and exciting, I can't wait to see your favorite!!! I'm actually like jittery I'm so excited lol

Wow that's really impressive, you two do a seriously fantastic job together, it's really an awesome region!

haha cool I think that's really neat that you added in some of those references, but I don't feel like they're over the top (unless those particular ones haven't been released yet.) they all seem very you and very original!
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Will there be more luwan meris crossovers 
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Yes there's more Luwan and Meris crossovers ;)
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