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Ok Let's make a little FAQ! If you have any questions concerning Meris, fakemon, art, or anything else, I'll try to answer ;)  
New Fakemon tomorrow!!!! Currently in Paris this weekend! :)
Ugh it is so annoying that you can't program when to submit stuff JUST because you're not a core member... Sorry guys I think there won't be new Meris pokémon this weekend.... :/
WE DID IT!!! 50K pageviews!
OMG nearly 50k pageviews! Huge Meris Teaser soon, I guess ;)

Now that the whole line has been upload, which starter ...

  |  46 votes
  • Dendromoss
  • Coaltie
  • Slubble

Do you like when artists here talk about their life, th...

  |  34 votes
  • Yes
  • No

What do you want me to draw? (Please comment)

  |  44 votes
  • More Fakemon
  • Sceneries with my Fakemon
  • Fanart of movies, anime, videogames, etc...
  • Something else