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Meris Region Legendaries

By Wabatte-Meru
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War vs Peace,
Knowledge vs Ineptness,

These powerful beings represent none other than the nature of Pokémon themselves, The dangerous Bellowar represents War and Wilderness and The Fragile but equally mighty Pazillon represents Knowledge and Intuition, they both happen to contrast; opposing forces that clash in an endless cycle around the world.
They are deities to their entourage trying to show how each pokémon can contribute to the world thanks to their abilities.
It is known that the first researches on Pokéball were made in Meris thanks to these two legendaries because the first purpose of the Pokéball was to catch the essence of the pokémon's nature.

What do you think of these fakemon? Which one would you choose?
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the butterfly one is pretty my guess their types are fairy and bug and dark and ghost

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What is your region based on?

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Would you mind if I used these in a Pokemon Table Top game? Credit will be given!
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Both Coyotes and Butterflys are important in southwest americas culture, thats why ny legendarys are the same.

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I've looked around a lot for Legendary designs, because they are often the coolest, and these remain the coolest ones I have seen on Deviantart. Outstanding job!
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both are equal they offer something different i cant decide on just one
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I have a some ideas on legendary pokemon that oppose each other like imagination or reality
Or the unstoppable force and the immovable object
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HOLY MOLY! These look so badass, man Game Freak really needs to hire you! I mean look at these guys man, a freaking fire/demon wolf and an alien, crystal moth/butterfly! You really out done yourself with these! :D

Out of the two though, I'd have to pick Pazzilon, I mean look at those colours, THE WINGS MAN, THE WINGS! I better stop before I gone on for the whole day... :P
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Pazillon all the way! The "prettier" designs are more my cup of tea.Teacup Gif 
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They are the leyendary pokemon ???

The second one I don't even see her name ??
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both looks overdesigned amazing 
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Both are great! I'd personally go with bellowaar tho xD
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Both. :heart:

I love Pazillon the most, its colors, the WINGS and the fact you gave it "arms" and "legs"! xD :D
M26Garchomp's avatar
i choose pazillon! :P
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Woaw, the two are awesome
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I love this so much! These designs are so worthy of being legendaries while remaining with so much grace and essence!

I love Pazillon the most, I love it so much <3 I don't know what to say ... the colors, the shapes, it's so loving and amazing <3 
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Dammit I'd have to buy both versions :/


EDIT: Could have been cool to make war a headless horseman, but yours is too good.
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Love them so much! 
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I love them both!
If I had to pick one, I’d probably go with the wolf since it’s edgy looking.
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bellowaar... I wish this were real aaa
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Very beautiful work!
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