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[Leak] Here they are

By Wabatte-Meru
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You were all waiting for this! The final evolution of Meris' starters are coming!
What do you think of these silhouettes?
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Grass/Fairy, Fire/Rock and Water/Fighting maybe? ;)
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aaaa ive loved the fire bb so far and the last evolution looks awesome omg omg
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The anticipation is killing me!!!
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The first looks like a vegetable Evil Onion 
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Fire one looks badass! Love all 3 silhouettes though :)
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Tbh, I like all three of them equally. I cant seem to make up my mind yet. Maybe next week perhaps? When they're finally revealed?
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OOHHHH im mostly excited for the water evo, but i love them already!
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OH MY GOODNESS GRASS!!! I love the shape already and all I see is a green blob!

When are we seeing them, I need answers :iconnaoplz:
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I think you'll like the grass one ;) 
The artworks will be revealed next week!!!!!
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So far away D: I'm melting with anticipation!!!
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Well... I will say that I'm surprised at the direction Alpacott's taking. Was hoping for a fluffy battering ram of badassness but I think whatever you've made will still be FANTASTIC! 
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well indeed the direction of Alpacott's evo is quite different from what you had in mind ^^'
But I hope you'll like it!!! 
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^^   hope you'll like them
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I can't wait to see them 😄😄😄
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Leak? More like Tease.
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can't wait to see them!
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Can't wait to see the grass starter !!! :) 
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;) I think the grass one is really cool! I hope you'll like it!
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