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Week 53 Irkiana and thorns

By Waanmo
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This is my last entry for my chibi challenge. Maybe it's little late, but I had my Bf's parents and home and far from laptop for almost 10 days. Today finally I had enough time to scan and sit down calmly to upload it!

Now some spanish shit to talk about my feelings and resolutions. Feel free to google-translate!

Me siento bastante orgullosa de haber podido cumplir con este challenge personal durante todo un año. Ahora observo la agenda y aunque la calidad de mis dibujos sea claramente muy tristemente mediocre, me siento feliz y orgullosa de todo lo que he hecho. Por primera vez en probablemente toda mi vida, me he tomado algo en serio y he conseguido acabar aquello que me propuse los primeros días del 2017.

Aunque no he conseguido mi objetivo de dibujar chibis de verdad, no he conseguido hacer dibujos detallados ni bien acabados, como tampoco he conseguido seguir una línea fija en mi estilo, sí me siento más ligera a la hora de dibujar y pensar algunos diseños para mis dibujos, aunque obviamente sigo ahogándome en mi propia agonía cuanto intento hacer algún dibujo algo más especial para mis seres queridos.

No tengo ningún proyecto entre manos para este 2018, pero intentaré seguir dibujando después de este gran empujón que me ha dado este reto personal.

Thank you so much for all people who tried to follow my progress and those who have been by my side all this long year :hug:
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* ¡Fantástico trabajo! Lo hemos destacado dentro de la carpeta "Featured nº6 o Destacados nº 6" en Special-Groups. (Es la carpeta donde se exhiben los mejores trabajos del grupo).
¡Por favor, queremos ver más trabajos tuyos en el grupo!. 


* Fantastic work! Featured in Special-Groups in folder Featured nº6. (Best works of the group). 
Please, We want to see more works in the group of you!. 

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Muchas gracias una vez más por vuestra atención en mi galería y por vuestro reconocimiento, me hace recapacitar dejar a un lado mi largo tiempo sin dibujar para retomarlo un poquito una vez más ;)
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¡Un verdadero placer! Sí, retomarlo es una muy sabia decisión. Tight Hug 
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Wow, the details on this chibi looks awesome, keep up the good work!
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Oh wow, thank you so much Karolina!! I haven't touch any pencil, maker or something to draw all over the 2018... and I feel soooo bad about it! But I don't have real time and motivation to do it!! I'm trying to change some stuff to make a more comfy place to not have more excuses...
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You should get a new calendar with coulouring pages, like this one, I think it would really motivate you to draw :) I'm thinking about getting one for myself but I haven't found the right one yet :) 
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this is amazing!!! you did such a great job with this project babbu i'm so proud of you! <33
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But... no more reasons to be proud Y_Y Since 2017 ended, I haven't touched a pencil, marker or somthing. The worst part is I haven't tried too!!

I need to find motivation and a better and comfy place to draw. Actually I don't have any table or static place were to have my tools and makers, so, usually, I'm too lazy to take out the table, take de pencils, sketchbooks... Si sólo necesitara tomar la silla y empezar a dibujar quizá todo sería distinto?

Despite that, thank you really so much for your inconditional support and your love my dear babu!!! :hug:
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I'm gonna assume, that sitting on thorns is not that easy, unless you are "ELADRIN MAGIC MISTRESS" :D

And your chibis are adorable. It's easy to see the history and feeling behind them <3
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Old reply is old! I'm always the same, oh no!!

More than sitting on thorns ir more like... they care about her!! Hahahaha or something like this!! I should confess that usually my ideas and my results are far to be the same xD I should need to find enough motivation to drawing again, now it's 4 month without touching a pencil or makers! Y_Y

But thank you really so much for you caring comment!! I hardly try to reflect my idea of them, I should practice more to improve my results!! But oh my god, drawing isn't always my thing Q n Q
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Lovely drawing to end this diary, she looks very graceful !  It has been a total pleasure to follow your weekly Ocs drawings, I also feel like you made progress, particularly when I look at those ones : Hiveswap: Xefros and Joey by Waanmo Rupithra -Rupi- Ayon Khari by Waanmo Week 15 Ritani by Waanmo Week 19 Witchsona 2 by Waanmo Happy Bday Crystal! by Waanmo

I'm pretty sure you gain skills in drawing chibi faces!! ( Aww, they look totally adorable :iconcutenessplz:) and in colo too, I love the render of your colored work, it's soft and clean! :heart:
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Maybe it's a very late reply but the real fact is I didn't know what to say since it's a long time without drawing again!! 

Thank you really so much for you inconditional support, always!! I'm remodeling a little my room to try to find a better place for motivation!! Maybe sounds like an excuse, but I don't have a good table or place to draw comfy :/

I have a lot of drawings to paint and tons of ideas to draw, hope I can find the motivation to start again!! And Thank you so much again, seriously!!
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