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Week 51 Lisorana and Lilimel

By Waanmo
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Even I finished this drawing last saturday I had no time to scan and stay in my laptop but promise I didn't broke my challenge!

This time are Lisorana (left) who belongs to :iconlislyn:! and my Oc Lilimel (right). I'm so sorry, I dunno why always when I draw Lislyn Ocs they never look like them... I'M SO SORRY, please kill me! :C 

I'm thinkin a lot about Lisorana and Lilimel and I'm sure they are so cute together and sure wear cute clothes and nice make up and go to parties to eat super sweet food and maybe dancing and laugh and sharing super good time!
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Oh yes, pretty!! :iconcutenessplz: I bet they would get along well when it comes to jewels and cute stuff! I think Lisorana would also be really good friends with Blanca, more for their similar super caring personality though! :meow: Wow, you're almost at the end of the diary, aren't you? You really worked hard this whole year, I need to applause for your resolution! I know I should take example from you XD  :hug:
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I should draw Lisorana with Blanca again, it's true!! I feel bad because actually I feel super lost and 0 motivated to do something. I wanted to start a new challenge for 2018 but should think more about it, I wanted to do something about portraits, but I'm not prepared, not this week!

I've already finished it!! I wanna make a little video with all the diary to show you the result!! But hahahahaha, I'm scared, some drawings are REALLY bad!!! xD But it's my first time ever I finished something like this and I'm super proud and happy that you're the reason to do it!! :hug: Love you my dear Lislyn, you're my inspiration, my reason to still here!!! :love::tighthug: But I'm not sure I'm an example, lol!!! I feel so bad because in one year I had 0 improvement in my drawings, aaaaaagh!!! :scream:
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Oh it's a very good idea to take  a new challenge! I hope you'll do it, be sure I'll be watching! :iconlovesqueeplz:

Truely?! Of course I'd like to see a video of all your chibies!! You shouldn't be scared because I'm honestly admirative of what you've done, even though you might not have been always in time, you never gave up and that IS being an example to me. And it's obvious that this regularity lead you to make real progress, may be you can't see them but I do (Colo, faces, variety of poses) ! I'm not saying that to be kind, surely, you can be proud of yourself!
Awww :iconcutenessplz: I wonder if I deserve to be your inspiration, thank you very much :heart: I feel the same, If you weren't on DA, it would be so boring, I'm glad to have you, really, really, really :glomp: