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Rupithra -Rupi- Ayon Khari

By Waanmo
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Hello! With a mix of strange feelings today and not a perfect mood but still here because idk, I'll leave here some words and Bio.

Of course this is a more serious re-do of my last chibichallenge drawing:  Week 46 Satyr by Waanmo I should say that I'm pretty proud of this drawing and need a color reference for him so, here I am. He's my new roleplay Oc Rupi, best bro of my two twins Ikrineth and Ikriana.

Official race from Dungeons & Dragons: Satyr Race

Rupi is a male satyr with long black hair always in a low braid, light orange brown eyes with horizontal goat pupil, tan skin and brown with black touches fur. Ram's big horns, wide pointed ears with light brown fur with white spots. Goat body from waist to foot, around 168cm tall.

Personality that stands the custom of his race: He's a cheerful guy, always half drunk, compulsive liar, braggart, very flirt -with usually a good eye and success-, compulsive wine drinker, banquet and party lover, passionate about music and dance. He's usually what could be defined as an absolute bad influence. He's a bard, his instrument the flute, so he can perform magic through his voice and his music. However, he is able to maintain a civilized attitude, is fully integrated into the elven city and is able to maintain a more or less serious job. He's a wind instruments artisan.

The best bro and absolute friend of Ikrineth and Ikriana. He has been a soldier next to Ikrineth where he has saved the satyr's life several times. They live in the same neighborhood and they three are always companions of partying, casual lovers with both twins, perfect companion to go to banquets, to swell good wine and going together to hunt of lovers, regardless of race and sex. Basically Rupi is a great bad influence for the twins, but they fey origin fits quite well with the personality of the satyr. He has often suffered the consequences of Ikrineth's bad luck and doesn't hesitate a single second to blame everything on him whenever necessary. They maintain a completely sincere relationship, although while Rupi treats Ikriana as if she were an authentic queen, his relationship with Ikrineth is more of colloquy mixed with a lot of wine and many swear words.

It belongs to the summer court as well as the Ikrin, therefore it serves the pantheon of Queen Titania and her consort Oberon.

Thanks for reading!! ^ v ^ 

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Qué cuco!!! ^^
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Muchas gracias mi niña!! También por pasarte por aquí, yo tengo muchísimos dibujos tuyos que ver!! Quiero preparar pronto una cosilla para ti enseguida que tenga tiempo ; _ ;