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Techpriest Millicent Helios

This is fanart for my friend ~Atzel.

In a Dark Heresy game we are playing this is the groups kickass de facto leader Techpriest Millicent Helios.

She's awsome.

The tooooons of metal and details of this picture made take forever to draw, but it turned out great. Imho. I'm proud of it.
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For starters, I really like this. It looks like one big step forward in general and is really a very nice piece of work. The amount of work you've put into it (and the long time too) really shows, and I can't get it out of my head how much I like those arms. And the eye on the arm. And the arm with all the million tools on. And the arm that divides into two to divide into a claw and a chainsaw and a ball which divides into a MILLION things from the dentist's office PLUS a ray gun/ben wa-balls!
It's all so pretty. And the 3D-effect is just lovely, one can really see how they bend in, well, three dimensions I guess, rather than the usual two for drawings made by us regular mortals.

However, that splendid 3D-effect (AND THE HAIR GOSH THE HAIR) is also something that adds to the minor complaint I'll make too - it's not present on the fabric of her gown. Her face is OK, her hand is all right and her lips pretty charming - but her robes... are just flat, at least in comparison to the arms. It looks sort of like she's walking aroung in red aluminium, which is especialy apparent in the fact that her left sleeve doesn't fall at all and her right sleeve shows no reaction to the metal bands going across it - they don't even cast a shadow.
If indeed she -is- however walking around in aluminium, I withdraw this critique, but then again it doesn't look quite like it - it seems you've drawn furry fluffy things at the end of her sleeves.

I guess to summarise, I think that although your patience was probably lacking and although the arms are so much cooler than cloth, the image would have looked more solid had her robes been given more attention.

... but then again, there are at least three skulls in this picture, and I haven't even started looking yet. I want to play Warhammer now. The skull's eyes glow read - you've got me hooked.

(also I hate the dA rating system, but enjoy your top EVERYTHING.
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Thanks for the critic, You arw happy about all the things i like about the picture and you right. I got lacy on the robe but didn't really know or to handle it. A robe is kind of flat and with all the metallic things you could just ass more detail to give it shape and texture. And the robe was you big and matte. Well well. The next picture will include lots of dress.

Thanks for the stars. *Smile.* You're an angel.

Attack Dnalor with Rogue Trader or Rark Heresy?
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The universe needs more female tech priests
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While the picture in and of itself looks good, there are a few things that stand out as strange for the 40k setting. The biggest thing that jumps out at me is the fact that I can tell at a glance the original gender of the Tech-Priest. That is very different from most Tech-Priest, who look only vaguely human in form. She is also painfully thin. The arm holding the axe looks very weak, almost twig-like.

Aside from that, Her hair is quite long, like really long. It is a large organic component that offers no true benefit and requires precious energy to grow, and far more to maintain in the condition that you have here. I don't see that as something a Tech-Priest would have.

Of course the biggest thing that seems if is the fact that she is smiling, a member of the Adeptus Mechanicus, showing an obvious human emotion. That seems very unlike a normal Tech-Priest, who will remove as many frailties of the flesh as they can, to be closer to the Blessed Machine.

Aside from those, the only real things to bring up are some minor design issues.
The robe should have a white trim with a cog pattern, The servo-skull
(I assume It is a servo-skull on her hip mechandrite) should have visible augmentation, The Mechandrites seem kind of wonky, like even bulkier than normal. Also the axe proportions seem off, a tad to long perhaps?

Now, all of these critiques come from the 40k fanatic that I am. Regardless of what complaints I can think of It is a very well drawn picture and worthy of praise.
Well done.
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Almost all of that critique should be directed at me, considering I was the player of the character. And yes, Millicent was an atypical tech-priestess. I disagree on all points however, there's several tech-priests in 40k fiction that are described as female. Only the highest ranking tech-priests will have so much augmetrics that they are "vaguely human". And she's supposed to look painfully thin. She was a power-house, but only cerebrally.

And yes. The emotion thing. You try roleplaying a character who has no emotions, see how you like it.
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Great job! It opens some new windows for me as I was used to always look at the TP with disdain due to their lack of personality.
But this girl, gosh!!! You really did it. She looks just so coo & charismatic.
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I was happy to hear that. I so in love with the whole techpriest concept. Much due to this character.

She was an awesome character to play with. A cool driven leader goal oriented managing to lead with no or little respect for people skills.
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I haven't played that game yet, but this reminds me of something from RIFTS rpg. I love it :heart:
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I love the 40k world but the rules system is to detailistic and to much number crunching for some. But you can easily switch it for a rules system that fits your groups gaming style. The world is well worth a try.
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This is jsut prue great. It's so hard to semi-humanish AdMechs that still look like AdMechs.
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Thank you. This was AdMech with loads of personality and i had a very clear picture of my frieds character, so I guess that helped. Thank you.
hey W, this is BC from TwiVal, gotta say, as a big Mechanicus, and Warhammer in general, fan, i think you did an awesome job, i think i'm gonna have to grumble at you so you can draw my own mechanicus character, i'd love to see your take on him
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Dont take commissions but thanks for asking. The picture was loads of fun to do even if i banged my head against the wall for 3 weeks doing all the metal. Thanks.
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Awesome. Screw the false god, Omnissiah is the real deal. Machine Cult FTW! ;)

One nitpick, though: according to DH rules, all Tech Priests have their lower face replaced with a filtration system, so by strict reading of the rules, her having visible mouth is impossible. But honestly, she looks too good for me to care about this.
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Nope Technically they have some sort of replacement for the filtration system. In Millicent case her neck has been replaced.

Thanks! <3
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Tack så mycket
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Love it, as I have said so many times by now!
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Our own little millicent
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Looks really good, very good pose and lighting! :D
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Thank you. Im wery happy anout the lightning
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Nice I like it, but then again I'm a mechanicus fan too :D
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Well, the mechanicus rules :)
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