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Badass book

Oh?! I'm on the front page?!


Thanks people.


I'm going to upload some of my leather work. While I'm not "good" at working in leather, I think it would be fun to show that you don't have to be that skilled to go do some awesome stuff.

For the book below was made with really basic sewing and cutting skills. It not beautiful but it is pretty badass.

Working time: 10-15 hours

* Some scrap leather of different qualities.
* Paper.
* Tread.

Tools needed:
* Exacto knife.
* Cutting board.
* Leather hole puncher
* 2 needles.

For punching the pattern around the sun in the front I needed some more tools.
* Hammer.
* A screw.
* Water.

And last of all I added some
* Some gold paint.

I made one stupid making the book, and that was not coloring the all the leather parts with leather paint putting it together. Halfway through I realized I wouldn't be able to color the edges without risking to ruing the paper. And that why the book got so raw and bright edges.
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totally cool, just a thought.... fold out cases for tablets.... for the right price I'd even be interested... what could be cooler ,,,, 
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WOW, gorgeous!!!
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I always appreciate a good book! Even more so knowing the effort that went into its creation.
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Now does it have a "badass" story inside?
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Some day it will.Right now the sheets are paper are blank. "Insert you own story here"
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Just thinking about what you wrote
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While you don't consider yourself great at leather-working/bookbinding I have to say that I think it adds to the appeal. Like it's...old or antique, it gives it that rough quality of, perhaps, a journeyman's spellbook. Something that had thought or purpose in making it.

While I don't have any books that would probably fit it I would definitely like to have something like this in my possession. Keep at it. :)
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Thank you. Yeah. Smetomes a mix of great effort and care, and little expertise yield interesting results. I sort of like it for the same reson.

You comment was really great.
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This is totally amazing. I love the level of detail and the originality. If you made more of these I know I would totally buy one.
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Thank you. I donät take commision but i happy that you feel that way.
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This is very cool =) I think the raw edges make it pop to life maybe you could do a lighter dye on the edges? But the book itself is beautiful and original =)
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That was an intersting suggestion. I'm gonna think about it.
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Keep me posted, regardless the book itself is gorgeous!! You did a very nice job =)
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Thank you I will.
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To give you some useful feedback (instead of just calling it awesome)
It's a nicely done book, and original in design! - However, you should treat your edges - to give the book a more finished look (You could burnish them or wax them) - If you do that (and remember to colour the edges) you are looking pretty good ;)
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I really should do that. But I been debating with myself if i dareto bring out the leather pigment, and risk ruining the paper, or not.

But witherway it should be ouled and and burnish them
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Maybe it would be possible to cover the paper in some way? - If not, you could try using a fine brush and colouring very carefully with only a small amount of paint on the brush
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Yeah. Perhaps i could get a big condom or some plastic bag to protect the papers.
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