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I was just re-watching some of the Double Fine Adventure Documentary videos and remembered how much I f-ing love the old LucasArts point and click adventure games. My favourite is Day of the Tentacle... or Monkey Island 2... I can't decide. Enjoy!

As always comments and favorites are greatly appreciated...
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As great as Day of the Tentacle and the Monkey Islands (1,2 and 3) are, my absolute favorite is Sam & Max: Hit the Road. The new Sam & Max games don't even come close.
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Agreed! I tried to play the new ones but just got bored. Hit the Road is amazing :D
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RIP Lucasarts, you made some great games.
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Agreed, Lucasarts was the best...
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Aw yeah! An oldie near and dear to my heart.

Definitely ready for a Cartoon treatment I'd say.
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Yeah, a cartoon would definitely work!
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Maybe after they beat the odds and "Ghostbusters 3" is made, the planets will align and we'll be lucky to see a "Day of the Tentacle Cartoon"

I wonder who owns the copyrights? Might be good fare for a fanmade series.
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That would be great! I think LucasFilm owns the Disney now owns them...yeah...maybe...I dunno...
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How right you are:

But stranger things have happened, there was the live-action Maniac Mansion series 15, 20 years ago?
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Whoah!I just Googled the Maniac Mansion TV show and it actually exists! It is so strange to me that they would have made that...I didn't think the game was popular enough to warrant a TV show.
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Strange indeed! Perhaps Lucasart's association with Lucasfilm helped things happen?

I only remember watching part of one episode back in the early 90s and wondering where the tentacles were. Nowadays, there would be a great budget for a comedic/sci-fi series like that.

I think Bob Hoskins should voice the Purple tentacle.
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Lucasfilm could definitely have helped. Bob Hoskins would be awesome;its a pitty he is now retired due to Parkinson's disease
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