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My Bio

Though a princess of the royal apiary, Amanita was a listless sort of changeling noble who wasted no time on pleasantries. She did not care for the pomp of the royal family, nor for the life of a drone; she simply wished to be herself. As the 15th daughter of Carapacia, the queen of older times, she had just as much a duty in finding love for her subjects as her sister Chrysalis.

Acting as her sisters regent, she scoured the land mercilessly for new signs of love, but all in vain. It was not until she realized that external love would not feed her people that she truly became her sisters friend.

^ Bio and DeviantID/Deviation was made by :iconherbalentymologist: (herbalEntymologist) but he has given it all to me. Go ask if don't believe me.

:heart:Princess Amanita hopes someday that the ponies will accept them for who they are and will keep trying to make peace with them and she hopes that they will forgive Queen Chrysalis for what she did.:heart:

:iconchrysalisawesomeplz:My sister Queen Chrysalis is best sister.:iconchrysalisawesomeplz:
just started playing No Man's Sky after getting it gifted 18 months ago and i just cant stop playing it!
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Long story short, we got the virus and it was possibly THE WORST experience I have had in my life! I could only sleep during the day for some reason and I laid in bed at night the entire time, trying to sleep at night in vain so I can speed up the process by not being awake as much. I was incredibly cold to where I had to lay in bed for at least two hours to get enough heat to be out of bed that lasted for an hour. Each time I had to get out of the safety of my bed, it was so hard because once I did, my heat barrier to counter the freezing body would be a huge problem. The best way to keep the heat was to take a hot shower right after I got tons of sleep then wear two jacket hoodies. I felt like a vegetable due to the fact I felt like I COULD NOT DO ANYTHING except watch YouTube videos for a long period of time. I wanted to do things but I was always drained of my energy and I only ate half the amount of what I usually eat. Silver lining, I lost a good amount of weight due to
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are when you don't do anything! I didn't do an April Fools this year because lets face it, I have done it too many times for it to work anymore XD. You can only fool people so many times before they either get sick of it or already know you are going to try to mess with them again. Also, I'm not dead. My attention is mainly towards the Discord servers I'm in with Insane Spyro. I have been going through my entire Steam library and playing all my games I never touched, the list is getting pretty small now thankfully. Only the bigger games are left now. I am highly addicted to Fall Guys which is now in its 4th season. I have played it for 1,000 hours now... and have won over 1,200 times. >.> The stupid part is that there are rewards for winning up to 3,000 times!!! I need to make journals more often... that is if anyone actually reads these.
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well damn im late for answering this one

my presents were all pokemon stuff and one bowser plushie, yeah im a nerd

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yeah, i just grew detached from this site over time

Can’t say I you blame for it. Too many assholes and art thieves around here.