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Super Sayian Ember
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A request from the Patron-sponsored raffle stream, requested by St0rmland.
Ember goes super sayian and gives Denrim a piece of her mind. Boy, that's a lot of floaty hair.

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Comments (4)
Fangsxxx's avatar
Fangsxxx|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Once again Denrim learns the hard way he screwed with the wrong girl. XD
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TonyTheLiberator's avatar
Rip Mr.Dennie.
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philian199's avatar
Denrim doesn´t look that worried about it, he´ll change his mind soon
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Stormland's avatar
StormlandEdited |Hobbyist Digital Artist
RIP Denrim

I like how all the hair of Ember gets floaty^^
nice work w0lf
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