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[C] Beach Day

A commissioned sequel to this  Tumblr ask 2 by W0lfmare

Sil helps Ember face all her fears at once and without warning. So helpful!
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I'm glad that I found this drawing.  I had been following "Bloodline" for a while but, when I changed OSes, I lost all of my bookmarks, including "Bloodline".  Now, I've got it back.
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It's sort of great to just forget a webcomic for a while. It means when you come back, there's a bunch of pages ready that you didn't have to wait for XD

Good to have you back.
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Thanks.  I don't mind waiting for new pages of comics I enjoy reading.
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Cute flailing Ember tho!
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These two are definitely cute together, platonically speaking.
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Could be worse...far worse.....
Believe it or not, over 30 states here in The USA have laws where 16 is actually the legal age of consent.

I do understand the sentiment, though, since I don't live in any of those states...
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Heck, in my home state, it was 14 until about 20 years ago.  I even knew a girl who had moved in with her boyfriend when she was 14 and married him when she was 18 or 19.
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I can understand.  My home state upped the age of consent to 16 about 20 years ago.  I guess we believe that 16 year olds are old enough to decide if they wish to engage in sex, at least until the Federal Gummint decides it needs to be higher.
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Yep. That's America for ya, though... XD
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This picture you've done featuring these characters together looks very nice and cute for sure! :D
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You're very welcome! :wave:
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Mandatory fun. You will enjoy the beach.

Poor Ember though. Interesting to see the change in style over two years. Both pictures look great.
Poor girl is going to make water before she get's to the water.
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Something tells me that Ember will get used to it...eventually. ;0P

(Maybe.) ^_^
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Must face her fears.
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What a good friend.
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