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A test for a business card of my own.
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Gorgeous design, I saved it till the times when I finally launch my own company (planning to purchase one the businesses for sale by owner ). I think this source and particularly your works are the best option for design ideas, keep on sharing!

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If you have a few seconds, I invite you to watch my BEHANCE PORTFOLIO, please:

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I'd like to use a variant of this design (which is amazing, btw) for my own personal business cards. Is that alright?
Hi MisterSpontaneous, 

Please send it the design to my e-mail.
If you like I can help you develop it. 


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Nice work, Thanks for sharing.
Also Find Free PSD Business Card Templates Renewed and Exclusive At:
Hey Stephen,

Send me your email. I might have a freelance gig for you.


Hi RS, 

I'd like to send you an e-mail and get in touch, but I can not find you e-mail address on your (DeviantArt)page.
If you are still interested, please send me an e-mail to

Looking forward to your message. 

All the best, 

Where did you get the icons of the phone number and mail?
Hi Elias, 

I made them myself. 


Made them myself. Nothing beats being completely custom.

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What background did you use - or any chance you might be willing to share your design template/file?
Hi AnsonWolfe,

I presume you mean the black background? Or do you mean the wooden background?
Could you get back to me which one you mean?

About sharing the design template, the design of the cards is actually the design of my own business cards. Nevertheless, if you would like some business cards for yourself I'm a freelance designer willing to design some cards for you if you like.

Looking forward to your reply.

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Nice Work..
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Clean and eye catching. Sometimes the most minimal things leave an impact. Great work!
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ok simple but where is the design in this?????
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Design is not only about making 'featured' objects, it is also about leaving things out that distract from the essence. This business card is more about simplicity, transferring the message and balance in colour, space and presence.

Anyway, I don't want to sound rude, but you statement made me curious about your work, but I couldn't find any on your page.
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Wow awesome where did you get these printed?
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