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Whenever I see selective colour something within me does a little backflip. I see it as a heart within my heart which is devoted to loving one thing and one thing only; selective colour, and whenever it sees selective colour it runs around in circles going "Weeeeeeeeee!" in a high pitched voice. I have a vivid imagination. I must have left a couple of dozen comments on pictures containing this most glorious of techniques since I got here, and everytime I mention how much I love it.

But I never seem to use selective colour, do I?

Similarly, I love my guitar. Between them, the internet and my guitar are probably supporting what's left of my sanity, holding it back from that abyss of demented swirling colours that is madness. Honestly, I get so bored sometimes that without my guitar (which I play discordantly and clumsily, but lovingly and often... um... ly) I would probably be a gibbering wreck by now.

Combining these two things seemed like the most natural thing in the world to me, when I thought of it, and it took about 5 minutes in camera and the same in photoshop. So it was obvious, and it was easy.

This all poses the question: Why haven't I done this before?
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Nice guitar man!
Also, what have you done to the D and G parts of the pickups?
(might be a passive thing, I have actives myself)
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It definitely looks like an Ibanez RG. As for the pickups, I think he's raised the polepieces. This gives it a thinner tone, somewhat approximating a single coil.
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Nice Art man!! Can i ask if i could use this in a project of mine. I'll delete instantly if you disagree..
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I too love selective colour, and I also love guitars :heart: :heart: (my Stratocaster is my baabyyyy :iconawwloveplz: )
This is an awesome photo- the electric-green pick just stands OUT like "ALLO!!! HERE I AM 8D" and the guitar just lays there all dark and cool-looking.
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Great composition!!!
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i like the way the green pic stands out againt the black.
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This picture makes me want to play guitar :3
I love it! *_* It looks so awesome
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This makes me want to go play some Metal!
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It makes me want to pick up my guitar!!
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thats awesome i love the green, it a great color to hav used
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I love it... it seems that you are very in to music . I just hae a question... can I use the pic in my youtube channel?... I'm starting as a musician and saw your shot and I tought that it would be perfect :)
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Perfect, this is how i look at my guitar
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I love it

You are invited to visit my page :devart:
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what guitar is it?
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Strat-shape yamaha. It's a cheapy thing.
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I really like this picture, and I love the selective color style too :D
This is really some of my fav's !

Thumbs up ;D
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Thanks very much for the kind words and the comment. It's always awesome to hear from someone who likes the shot, most people just fav it and wander off. So, yeah, thanks :)
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You have been featured here: [link]

Please fave it to make it your and the other's work more popular!

♥ Lea
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Thanks for the comment :)
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what guitar is it by the way?
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