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I've made a PHP script that can log in to a DeviantART account and generate a RSS feed from deviantWATCH items and other notifications you see when you click the "x deviations" and "y messages" links (no doubt you've noticed those). The script is free, and you can also get a feed without having to set up the script yourself.

See here for details :…

Just in case this attains any amount of popularity - please don't crash my server! ;)
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What's with the damn subscript tags?! It seems that every second deviation has the description in tiny font. It irks me.

I can read the text (eyesight is OK), zoom the page in Opera, and so on. Yet that doesn't answer the main question - why, oh why does everybody use subscript?

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Doesn't look like the DA devs are planning to add a recommendation engine anytime soon, so I went ahead and tried to make my own. Might be of interest.

Details on my blog :…
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And we sprout from the flame
As if death was a rain

'Cause we can not understand

How I wish there was a heaven
All for one and one for all
A flawless soul society
Our lives are just a fragment
Of the universe and more
There may be more than we can see

I'm not into journaling so I thought I'll place this more apropriate excerpt here instead of 3 years old "hello world" stuff. These lyrics should be quite representative of me for some time.
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...joined yesterday and already got two comments welcoming comments. Certainly inspiring - and maybe a bit intimidating [unexpected attention ;-) ].

Anyway, it's going to take some time before I do anything here, as in 20 minutes I'm leaving for swordfighting practice... which will take place in some woods some distance away supervised by some people I somehow happen to know.

Bye, World! :-)