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Sticky Situation

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Here's another commission from Zerogouki :iconzerogouki: . Looks like she's getting wrapped up in the Halloween decorating spirit!
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DayTripperFanHobbyist Artist
Now imagine if it was industrial strength stick? Oh shoot it says so on the bottle.
DayTripperFan's avatar
DayTripperFanHobbyist Artist
yeah, she's kinda trapped now.
200jason3's avatar
I have a deal, I'll help her if I can sit in her sweater for the rest of the month
shoakhan's avatar
Lovely work, w-oo-t - I adore the faces you give your characters, she is rather gorgeous.
SqurtieMan1's avatar
I'd honestly rather be the pumpkin.
samutaikaj's avatar
If this was halloween then i'd have a reason to go out..... once a year
Ryshanna's avatar
RyshannaHobbyist General Artist
Thank god it's only that fake webbing stuff.

Lord help her if that was any sort of sticky candy. Worse yet: Caramel.

She'd loose her hair for sure.
w-oo-t's avatar
I can't conceive of a way she'd get caramel in her hair, but at least that would be water soluble. The trick would be to find a big enough bath tub.
MerihemXx's avatar
Linus! I found the Great Pumpkin! He's under an even Greater Pair of "Chest" Pumpkins!
w-oo-t's avatar
Now to extract it. Anyone have a forklift?
MerihemXx's avatar
I think Lucy has one. She rents it out for a Nickle a Minute, so work fast!
Hattushilish's avatar
lol, the pumpkin is soooo cute I wish it was my head there :P
w-oo-t's avatar
I hope your head is very sturdy!
Hattushilish's avatar
 nah, it is like an eggshell, but what a way to go, it'd be!
Mister-23's avatar
Mister-23 Digital Artist
Yes please.
missselainie's avatar
Ah, you never fail to please, Woot. ^_^
w-oo-t's avatar
Glad you enjoyed it!
Darkatio's avatar
DarkatioHobbyist Digital Artist
Lucky pumpking :rofl: a good piece of Halloweenart :D
w-oo-t's avatar
It seems to know it too!
ozwick's avatar
ozwickHobbyist Artist
Such a cutie -- I'd give her all my candy if she came trick-or-treating to my house.  I'd even offer to brush off those pesky cobwebs.
w-oo-t's avatar
Just don't yank too hard on the strands stuck in her hair!
Oppai-Exedra's avatar
Oppai-ExedraHobbyist General Artist
We had a similar problem with fake cobwebs at my family Halloween party last weekend. :XD:
w-oo-t's avatar
More trouble than they're worth. What's so bad about orange and black streamers?
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