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Eager to Please

"How'd I do?" Teri asked, looking up at her girlfriend like a puppy dog hoping to be rewarded.

Jada examined the sundae as she rotated the bowl in her hands. "Chocolate and vanilla ice cream- classic choice. I don't know if you were going for symbolism there, but I'm giving you points for it anyways. Brownies as garnish. Whipped cream, cherry, and no skimpin' on the hot fudge," Jada noted with hearty approval as she wiped some that was dripping down the side of the bowl with her finger. Once the now-clean digit popped out of her mouth, she resumed talking, this time with her smile replaced by a stern line, mock-suspicion lacing her voice. "Something's off about this though- it's quite... hefty. Is this a salad bowl?"

Teri knit her eyebrows together and averted her gaze, blushing crimson. "The regular-sized ones were dirty."

"You coulda filled it half way," Jada countered.

"I tried, but it didn't look right," Teri continued lamely. "Plus, who doesn't like ice cream? I want you to be happy. Tell me I did good!" The expression on her face was so pathos-inducing that it almost knocked Jada out of play-mode.  

Not quite though. "It's fine. I just had an awful thought for a second there... but, no."

"What?" Teri had her hot little body pressed up against Jada's side. She was tensed, waiting for the coming words.

Jada was happy to oblige. It took all her effort to mask her arousal with a look of concern. "Well- and this is crazy because the big bowl was an honest mistake- but I thought you might be trying to fatten me up. Like, on purpose! Why would anyone want to do that? You'd have to be some kind of closeted pervert."


"I wouldn't be saying such paranoid things, but well, lately I'm afraid I might be putting on just a teensy bit of weight around my middle." With one hand, Jada pulled up the hem of shirt a few inches, a unnecessary motion because the garment hardly covered any of her stomach to begin with. "It's subtle. Are you able to feel it?"

"Let's s-see," Teri stammered like a horny teen as she adjusted her glasses and bent low to take a closer look at Jada in profile. She placed her right hand on top of Jada's generous love handle and her left's fingertips brushed the taut skin of Jada's belly. Teri gave an exploratory squeeze, soft fat yielding, offering none of the unwelcome resistance of bone or muscle, promising endless, luxurious give where it was deepest around her mid. Teri lingered there, kneading, marveling, her breaths now sharp and fast and steamy. "I'm not sure what you're talking about."

To keep herself from moaning in delight, Jada shoveled a heaping spoonful of ice cream into her mouth, followed by another.

Teri stood up and faced Jada, eyes never breaking from the glorious gut before her. She lowered her grip so she could test its weight: heavier today than it was last week, and undoubtedly lighter than it would be after digesting an small hill's worth of frozen dessert. Teri's thin arms strained under the load of brown blubber. She gave a cute grunt of effort that made Jada's toes curl. They were pressed against each other now, round belly mated to flat, Teri leaning in so the top slopes of her breasts squished against the underside of Jada's smaller pair. "You're just being silly." Teri admonished, her sweaty hands relaxing their hold on Jada's flab, the friction between the two lovers making sure Jada's heavy belly settled back into her lap painstakingly slowly. "This is nothing."  

Really, nothing? It was a cheeky dare. Nothing? Jada felt as giddy as if she had been handed a blank check. She saw cartoony images of measuring tape spooling out trying to circle her waist, pictured a bathroom scale's numbers spinning ever upwards until the contraption broke into a cloud of busted springs and sprockets. And she saw the tables loaded with food that would get her there. Jada licked whipped cream off her lips before speaking. "Hmm, you're right. I guess I'm not in danger of getting chubby for a while yet. Let's celebrate together after you make me another sundae."
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w-oo-t's avatar

They're an adorable couple!

Telephone235's avatar

That’s a good big belly

w-oo-t's avatar
They'd both agree with that assessment. 
Telephone235's avatar

I think so too, those clothes ain’t gonna last much longer at the rate she’s fattening up

DiDark666's avatar
hehe aww such an adorable plump tummy, i wanna rub it ^^
w-oo-t's avatar
They've tended to it beautifully!
GB-Syndicate's avatar
Is she available?? =)
w-oo-t's avatar
Nope, these two are an item.
Dax1o1's avatar
This is adorable! This is me and my girl though! She is so nice to me though so I don't care.
w-oo-t's avatar
Which one's which? You're lucky in either case :]
Dax1o1's avatar
I'm the fattie! She loves me so much!
quirkyplans's avatar
Cute sweet story to a lovely pic. Very nice~ :D (Big Grin) 
w-oo-t's avatar
Thanks! That reminds me I should write more. Well, draw more too!
quirkyplans's avatar
Np. Ur welcome :D (Big Grin) 
SimontheDjinn's avatar
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They make a cute couple.
SimontheDjinn's avatar
I'd like to squeeze in there.
y2qwert's avatar
I love your artwork, but your writing is great too. The short stories that accompany the pictures are awesome. I have to say, I think this one is my favourite though.
w-oo-t's avatar
Thank-you very much!
Troublemute's avatar
aaa this is so adorable aaa-- the expressions especially
w-oo-t's avatar
They're so in love! aaa!
DeadlyCuddles's avatar
Man, oh man. Woot, you're something else, the colors and composition in your art is so simple, yet B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L. Her tummy looks like a ginat blob of pudding, yet probably soft as well. Their expressions truely convey all the emotions in that moment: she's been suprised with a "small" treat by her bestie yet immediately excited and anxious to dig in to it. Keep up the great work and I hope to see more of these characters sometime?
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