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The Forest of Princess Mononoke

I wanted to go back to the very beginning of what inspired me to start doing environments, and that led me directly to Studio Ghibli's work. Never before had studios paid so much attention to detail and mood in it's backgrounds, and it is in my opinion one of the ways that makes Ghibli films so memorable, from the lush islands of Porco Rosso, to high above rural skies in Totoro they captured everything your heart didn't know it needed.

I know it's not typical to have fanart focused on a location more than the character but here it goes. Fan art of Studio Ghilbi's 'Princess Mononoke', specifically that forest of gods and demons. 

I will be at Calgary Expo this year at the PGP WEZ booth if you'd like to say hi! as well as Otafest and anime revolution

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Love it, you have great sense of depth and expression in the painting.
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I love this a whole lot and would really like to use it as my desktop background, but it's too small. Is there any way I could pay you something for a version large enough to look nice on 1920x1080? Please let me know!
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this is really gorgeous. you've managed to capture the feelings of majestic trees and the otherworldly environment San lives in. I love the poses too.
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It is so true. Their backgrounds are what I admire most in the actual artwork. Your art is stunning as well, and it does strongly remind me of their work. I love the moss on the trees :heart:
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So much details ! Amazing !
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Beautiful, just freaking beautiful! I swear this is just amazing art and it complaments the sorce it's from. By the way I loved that anime movie, it is one of my top favorites.
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I definitely agree! Whenever I watch Ghibli movie, I always get amazed by the beautiful, colorful and yet so realistic backgrounds. Let alone the characters' expressions and the animation... And your work is wonderful, buy the way!Clap 
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That's awesome! And the focus on the location makes it even more beautiful!
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Amazing! I love the way it has a story!
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