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February 12, 2018
Broken Monday - The Demon Code by W-E-Z
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Broken Monday - The Demon Code

Weirdest lan-party ever.

A concept for a shrine in my occult post apoc personal Project inspired by Shin Megami Tensei, Genma Wars, and The Division.

For this one I was influenced by several areas around Kyoto where I lived for a few months in 2015.
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Great art! This remind me a scene from SMT: Tokyo Mokushiroku anime, when Akito summons Ose in Echo Terminal Building

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Outstanding! Say, can we get any additional info about your wonderful Project?

I'm amazed that the computers still work!
that's a sign of the supernatural right there!
great picture!!
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Honestly if this was in a Video Game or a Movie I'd want to see the monitors look at whoever approached the shrine, and follow the intruder with their gaze, turning slowly. (Perhaps with the occasional flicker of the Blue Screen of Death)
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can i repost this? i want it as a reitcal for my demon snake?
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The party never ends.

One very impressive piece indeed. If you do not mind my asking, how did you make the clusters of ferns? The texture there is amazing.
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this is gorgeous. The tones are great. 
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A demon computer virus? Interesting. Where might we find out more about the setting?

Not computer virus, but definetely demon summon from computer. Read an Digital Devil Story: (or Monogatari) Megami Tensei by Aya Nishitani

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Wow, this is awesome! I love the concept so much! :D
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fantastic work!
Awesome piece, congrats on the DD.
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Hi, the company I work for is interested in buying some art work for our new meeting rooms. Would you be interested in selling this image?
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Reminds me of Tokyo Revelations a little. 
It's an SMT OVA.
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That series was my main inspiration on this one :), That OVA is actually based on the first Digital Devil Story novel, that set of terminals/monitors with hexagrams appears a lot in that and it's sequel megami tensei. Only diff in the novel is that instead of just the terminals they have bizarre math equations all over the boards in the room and the central terminal is bigger, if I remember correctly.
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> Weirdest lan-party ever.
So good
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omg, this is so cool!
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