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AENiGMA - Jonada Has You



This is something new from my personal project ÆNiGMA. I am just designing as hypothetical universe to be used in games, comics, short stories, films, ect

This is the city Jonada from it, like a lot of futuristic cities, Jonada has layers(tons and sort of an asymmetrical stair system of plazas and bridges to connect them), this area is an exploration of the middle layers, the majority of the area here is owned by corporations, you simply rent or buy a block of space they own and turn it into what every you please. This is necessary as sprawling out of the city is impossible. Unlike other cities where the slums are usually at the bottom, they are spread out depending on who owns their neighborhood instead of strictly verticality, although generally the rich prefer the ocean or mountain edge and high as they can.

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Beautiful. I would absolutely love to live here. Nice work as always!