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Predaking-Call of the Primitives (ver.A)

Vector trace from my favorite scene in my favorite episode of the original Transformers show.
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What I like about the animation in this episode is that they made Predaking look like one robot, as opposed to five clunky boxes stuck together like they usually did.
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Yes. That's true.
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Nnngh! Ungh! Uuuu-hu-hu-hugh! Such awesome-ness-UUUUAAAAAAGHHH!!! I need to change my underwear right now.

"Call of the Primitives" was one of the earliest episodes of Transformers I ever saw along with Powerglide with that human female but the former was the better one.

Fun fact: The "Call of the Primitives" episode was directed by Masami Obari, though uncredited, which explains why the episode was so awesome.

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Ah yes. I actually did know about that. Funny how ten years later I would enjoy the likes of Teknoman (Tekkaman Blade) and Voltage Fighter Gowcaizer, all which Masami Obari were involved in.
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I've watch this episode a hundred times. I've paused it on this very still frame as many times. Well done!
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This was the episode that introduced me to Transformers almost twenty years ago.

So thanks for the nostalgia trip.
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You're welcome!
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