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Jadexs Vs. Wastelander Print

Both beautiful and horrid, Jadexs Vs Wastelander is available for home decor in a variety of prints. Let her wanton peril signify your passions for the darker side of love.

Catalog cheese aside, I'm slowly submitting all my deviations for prints. All of which will be labeled "Print" in the title. The images themselves have average resolutions of about 3000x3000 to 6000x6000 pixels - about 10 to 20 inches squared at 300dpi.

See them all in my profile or on my print page - [link]
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amazing work..awesome quality..kudos!
appd83's avatar
Is this wasterlander part of a comic?
Vyxes's avatar
Unfortunately, no.  I wasn't able to make comics then.  But that is changing slowly.  There's now Arta Vs Mudshark.  And, hopefully, there will be more to come.

Mature Content

Arta Vs MudShark 2 by Vyxes
appd83's avatar

I have mud shark and leia Cang Vs creeper, and liked the look of the wastelander pic.
Vyxes's avatar
Thank you for the support. 

You should take a look at Jadexs Vs Lobion - it's LVC with the look of wastelander.

And, if I can ask, I would love to know. 
Is it better to have a narrative like AVM or is it better to only to hint at a story like LVC?

I enjoy both ways depending on my mood but I'm debating whether or not to pursue the growing the narrative of Arta.  Would it be worth it?
appd83's avatar
I like both... depending on the mood.
But, I think Lvc wins by a nose.
Vyxes's avatar
Then I will be committed to Leia Cang Versus Hivers.  Thank you.
mixuls's avatar
Awesome very erotic vore ?, love it .
Lorne1313's avatar
That is a REALLY nice pic! Love the slime affect.
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