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Jadexs In QMAF

QMAF (Quantum Mechanical Amniotic Fluid)

Ships that travel into deep space house their occupants in a tank filled with QMAF. A dense Perfluorocarbon, it provides a breathable radiation shield saturated with proteins, carbohydrates, urea, and aiding nanos.

Additionally, all atoms within the QMAF are stimulated to transmit data. It develops a psychic connect between pilot and ship. No displays. No controls. Just two minds operating in a semi-conscious dream.

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That would make an interesting trip!
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excellent work 
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you are welcome Hug 
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very nice Love 
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It would be an interesting technology :)
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One of those "What if we just..." ideas I've always had a fondness for.  Thank you. Helium 
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Welcome :) Continue this way :) 
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concept and image both SICK!
mind blown..
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Always happy to please. Thank you. Though, given what space is like, the QMAF always felt like a sensible idea even if it is a super-sized space womb. :love:
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that's why the concept blew my fuggn mind so bad. it makes perfect sense and I wish I'd made it up. then i could stick it in the book that's in the woooorks. I've got a concept that I feel like is from the same realm, but yours is like, the missing link.. I was almost pissed when I read it-lol!
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I wouldn't sweat that. So many sci-fi tech ideas are rehashed and reused and recycled - like all the science fiction novels that have Light Swords on the cover. Just give it a new name and put your twist on it.

Honestly, the best thing that can happen to a tech concept is that gains a life of its own and becomes such a common concept that it inspires the next real life innovation.

A QMAF is a good idea but it would make an even better reality. That won't happen if it remains permanently grafted to my selfish endeavors.

Just be nice and credit Vyxes if ever asked. :love:
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how much I was hoping you would say something like that!! OMG! I've got NO problem crediting the SHEEOT outta you! Lol! [but seriously]
thank you.. I'll let you know what it turns out looking like. Working on the opposite world right now, all majicked out- but the teched out world is waiting in the wings.. eexccccITING stuff!
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Thank you. I've been wanting to paint this sci fi concept for awhile. :blowkiss:
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