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Jadexs In Dwier

Jadexs digests in Dwier's belly.

Apart of Jadexs Eps 1 on Gumroad for $2

Always see more at vore-more.
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Very excellent pic, and quite erotic.

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while it fucks her urgently she screams and shivers as her orgasms become unbearably intense
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Please make more of this, it's awesome!
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Always more at...

Scroll, click, explore, find...

ThankYou3 by Vyxes  
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Wow, she is hot! She's either in extreme pain or extreme pleasure, it hard to tell which!
Vyxes's avatar
I always lean towards pleasure.
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I really like your pics...they look like scenes from a horror movie,in fact I would love to see a horror movie like this! Keep up the good work friend!  :)
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So would I.  Thank you.
DarthSparrow's avatar
It look so painfull :O
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It all depends on where your imagination takes it. :perverted: 
DarthSparrow's avatar
Yeah indeed ^^ 
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It's either your description of "Jadexs digests in Dwier's belly", or rotate the image 90 degrees and its a Xenomorph Hive / Nest with nude hosts.

Only this time... they change into hybrids!

Nice done!
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Bug hunts with happier endings...
Thank you :blowkiss:
Blades-123's avatar
Great work! I'd love to see her saved!
Vyxes's avatar
Thank you. And she'll be fine. :love:
megamanwe's avatar
I love the anguish and the helplessness as she is presented with the (what seems to be) gruesome fate before her

pretty damn hot!
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