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Dwier Swallows Jadexs Print

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Once human, Dwier was left the sole operator of the otherwise fully automated Ursus 13 orbiting station. But since Ursus 13 was abandoned, the station has decayed into a derelict satellite, leaving Dwier stranded.

To survive the ever degrading conditions, he spliced his genes with the local mold. This has kept him alive and well for decades. Long enough to shed his human past.

That is until Jadexs arrived, docking for ship repairs before she lands on the planet. Everything about her awoke senses that he'd forgotten and hungers that screamed to be fed.
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Astonishing artwork. Are the creatures painted from scratch or sculpts?
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Jadexs and early Arta are photomanips with a lot of PS.  
Leia Cang and the latest Arta are 3D... with a lot of PS.

And thank you for enjoying. :happybounce: 
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He's only human after all :-)
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Funny you should wish that. Dwier is the monster in Jadexs Episode 1. The graphic trailer is in the gallery - [link]
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This is brutally fatal and erotic. I wish it was bigger or more details or a sequence, but i'm just greedy that way ^^
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=O *looks down* waaaaaaaiiit a minute!

Lol nice work mate ;)
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